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January 14, 2016 • Featured, Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Interactive Movie Trailers – Channel to drive movie tickets!

Interactive Movie Trailers - drive tickets sale online

Interactive Movie Trailers as the best way to drive ticket sale online.  

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December 11, 2015 • Featured, Interactive Ads

Shoppable Videos – Convert your Viewers to Shoppers

Do you believe that generating traffic for your video will give you the best success for your business? Here’s a new perspective to consider — in comparison to traffic, tracking your viewers and directing their actions are better ways for you to convert them into customers. 

Video metrics are essential for rating and improving your video so that you get better conversions. By enabling metrics you have a wider opportunity at getting your viewers engaged and ready to purchase. Take, for example, the video for your new clothing range has just been filmed and you want to start seeing results from your customers. To generate a conversion, you want viewers to sign up, install the app, and add the product to cart from your video. As analytics are available on Wootag, these actions can be individually measured and used to review the conversion rate.  

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September 28, 2015 • Interactive Ads

Maximize your video’s exposure with the right distribution channels

You’ve filmed your footage and edited your video. But the work isn’t complete without first figuring out how you’re going to distribute it. You can post it on as many websites as you know, but doing it in the wrong order might mean your efforts going to waste. The manner you choose to distribute your videos is equally important as the content of your video. Videos that do well in marketing always have a proper distribution strategy, and for good reason too. Planning when and where to showcase your videos can be the difference between complete Internet obscurity and a worldwide audience.

In this article, we will share with you a systemic approach in choosing how to distribute your videos and maximize your audience reach.

As a pre-cursor to distribution, Identify the Key Performance Indicators of the content you are about to distribute so you can always measure, learn and optimize to iterate for success.

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June 12, 2015 • Featured, Interactive Ads

Enable Real True View Experience for your Videos

Wootag - Interactive Video

Enable Real True View Experience for your Videos. Wootag – Interactive Video


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June 2, 2015 • Interactive Ads

Power of Videos [Insights] – Video Marketing Infographic

Video Marketing

Enable Power of Video Marketing

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Wootag – Interactive Video Marketing

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April 2, 2015 • Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

How to make stunning videos on a shoestring budget

Google the cost of any Hollywood Blockbuster and something that will always feature is how big a budget was used to shoot the film. A known fact among all is creating media costs money. But with advancements in tech, and the rise of prosumers, making your own video doesn’t have to be expensive. We look at 5 ways you can improve your videos without breaking the bank.



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March 30, 2015 • Interactive Ads

Importance of Videos to Drive Traffic and Customer Adoption

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.44.47 AM

Deck highlights the importance of Video as a key content marketing channel in building links to achieve various objectives like generating site traffic, SEO, Sales & leads generations and creating a direct channel with your viewers.

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March 23, 2015 • Interactive Ads

Building Trust with Storytelling: Quick 3 Step Guide


We’ve all heard it before, “write for people, not for search engines”. If the blog and article section your website is exhausted with industry content, what else can a content team deliver?

Once a content strategy starts working, and traffic graphs are moving in the right direction, conversion optimization is the next logical step. However, marketing teams can spend an extraordinary amount of time looking at things such as landing page design, call to action analysis, and more. Eventually, someone needs to ask the question, what about trust? Can we create content that builds trust with our audience? Yes, content can be created with the sole purpose of trust building.

If the niche that you are working in has 2-3 big well known players, a smaller company is not going to be trusted just because they are showing up in the SERP.

Harvard Business Review refers to trust as an intangible value. In terms of knowledge as a source of trust, most companies are sitting on a gold mine. They have someone at the very top who could gain the trust of new and interested clients by simply sharing what they know, in an interview.

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March 4, 2015 • Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Why video is your most powerful marketing weapon


Even the greatest products need a little help to get the word out. When Apple releases their next big thing, you get often get a huge conference followed by a beautiful video telling you why you need their product. Whenever you hear of a successful Kickstarter project, there almost always is a video accompanying the crowd-funding project.

Virtually no brand or company is exempt from the influence of video in this day and age, and words alone are simply not enough as we move towards a medium that caters to both our visual and auditory needs to create a powerful impression.

Let’s take a look at Evian’s 2013 ad campaign ’Baby & Me’, where adults suddenly learned what it was to be youthful again. Launched mid 2013, the video has garnered over 100 million views on Youtube to date. Imagine a company selling something as basic as water just got you to think about them, even if it’s for just a minute, and have people share it too. That‘s any marketer or startup’s dream.

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February 23, 2015 • Interactive Ads

Your video ads are not just for entertainment, it can also mean business!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.09.05 AM

The Super Bowl recently came to an end, and like all great sporting events, it saw advertisers cracking their brains trying to figure out how to make an ad that will captivate both the hearts and minds of their audience, and justify the huge $4.5 million price tag it cost for that 30-second spot. And BMW was no different.

Their ad was unique, it was different from the others, and it was funny. But did that brief moment on television help them meet their targeted return on investments? Only they would know.

For introducing a new product, probably one of the best things any company can do is to maintain a constant level of interest from their target demographics. Using the wide broadcast of the TV ad as a lure for the general audience, they could subsequently encourage interested parties to sign up and express their interest when their videos are viewed again later online. This would allow them to focus their marketing efforts on a more targeted group.

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