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How to Use Interaction to Make Your Content Pop – Fun and Delicious Content and Interactive Ads


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The biggest challenge for businesses today is to keep the customer engaged. We live in an age where content is almost infinite. We’re generating way more content than we ever did and the production will, likely, never come to an end.

Speaking of content, one format that’s making waves is video content. For instance, on YouTube, the planet’s largest video sharing portal, there are 300 hours of new content being uploaded every minute!

Since everybody out there is putting out video content, it can be tough for your business to stand out. You need to fight for people’s attention almost every day. A lot of the content is even addictive. You aren’t just competing with your rivals. You may also be competing with entirely different industries. For instance, if you’re advertising toothpaste, there’s a good chance that a customer will choose to watch a movie trailer over your ad. You see, you’re even competing with the movie industry now.

So, how do you overcome this problem?

Interactive Video is Your Best Bet

Statistical studies tell us that most of the content on the internet will be video in the next few years. We also know why video works so well. It has been observed that 65% of information is retained if it’s been presented video format.

Then, we know that almost 60% of marketers testify to the fact that video content offers the best returns (ROI). Besides, shoppers who viewed product videos are twice as likely to buy the highlighted product.

So, it’s clear that video content rules. However, as creating video content become more affordable, accessible and cost-effective everybody can try the chances in producing video content. In other words, adopting video marketing may not be enough for you to stand out since every else is doing it too.

Is there a solution?

Well, there is. It’s called an interactive video. The thing is, your target audience hasn’t progressed into the customer lifecycle far enough to purchase your products. The only thing that can make them do that is engaging content. People want to be entertained and informed at the same time.

That’s where interactivity comes in. Interactive videos contain elements that allow the viewer to provide input in real time and alter the content. It’s like playing a video game. The viewer gets to decide what they see and when they see it.

They can navigate towards various segments in the video and even influence the events that take place within. So, what you have here is something completely different from the usual video content. Statistically, it has been found that interactive videos deliver a completion rate of 90%.

By incorporating interactive videos into your marketing strategy, you gain a competitive edge. This results in improved abilities, concerning lead qualification, better tracking and segmentation, and the ability to deliver a viewing experience that boots conversion rates. It’s all about choice. Viewers love making choices, and interactive videos allow this. Now, the question is, how do you make your videos more interactive, especially if your product is food?

Make your video content interactive

Well, we’ve got a few tips to guide you.

1 Provide Chapters

By dividing the video into segments or chapters, with the feature to skip or go back to specific sections, you can offer a great viewing experience that keeps the viewer engaged. Experts agree that including chapters is a fantastic way to boost engagement.

There are twofold benefits to this strategy. Firstly, it allows the user to gain a perfect understanding of what the video is all about. Secondly, it will enable them to absorb information at their own pace, which is directly linked to better engagement.  

2 Establish Branching Scenarios

An interactive content video should ideally contain layered content sections or branching scenarios. As the narrative unravels, draw in viewers by asking questions. This can be simple questions about what the user would do in a given situation or what step they would take next.

By doing so, you allow the viewer to decide what content is most relevant. You can provide a range of menu options, such as “watch a demo” or “review.” Add hotspots or buttons that link the viewer to segments that discuss those very same topics. Allowing viewers to take a look at multiple content sections or move back and forth to ensure improved learning.

3 Don’t Add Too Many Touch Points    

Once you’ve added your first touch point, work on adding the remaining interaction points throughout the entire video. However, do remember that interactions or on-screen choices take up a lot of space and time. So, make sure they offer value and aren’t pointless.

In general, experts advice providing up to a maximum of 3 interaction points. Too many of them can prove to be counterproductive, as the viewer may end up losing interest.

Interactive recipes you can watch, shop and cook

Choose your video content wisely; a good topic will not only interest your audience but also give you the ability to provide a great value that your audience will applaud. Get people excited, engage them and build buzz around your product especially if it’s topic everybody enjoys like food.

Watching people cook food has gained popularity, so much that food has become one of the hot topics on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are a small home business, an SME, or an MNC, food is a topic worth to consider in your video content strategy. We have the data to back this claim up! When it came to content involving food or recipes, views grew by 59%, and social engagement on food channels by 118%. “59% of 25- to 34-year-olds head to the kitchen with either their smartphones or tablets. They’re loyal, passionate, and highly engaged, powering a 280% growth in food channel subscriptions over the past year.”

*Millward Brown Digital/Firefly/Google, YouTube Food, May 2014

When viewers watch people prepare food, they are inclined to be curious about the products the chef might be using. It stands to a reason that if in video shopping is made convenient for the consumer of the content, it’s likelier for the consumer to end up on the e-commerce site of the product and lead to a sale! With interactivity enabled in your video content, this is possible!

Make your target audience happy and give them something exciting and of real value if it’s on top of all your usual content then even better. Knorr is an excellent example that interactive food video content is powerfully appealing to the audience and bringing measurable impact for the brand. Knorr came out with a creative way of adding value to the video content by sharing interactive recipes with their audience to add an extra benefit for the viewer.

If you can provide real value to your target audience, it is going to improve your brand recall and your video engagement rates! Knorr is a great example where interactive video recipes had a significant engagement which brought a measurable impact for the brand! Knorr was able to provide real value to the viewer by sharing interactive recipes.


This deceptively simple video is valuable to Knorr the target audience on two fronts. It shows how to make a perfect dinner quickly and just with a few ingredients. However, on top of just a recipe adding interactivity offers another layer of functionality and create engagement between brand and user.

Expand your video marketing beyond image ads by incorporating interactive video content. Take a look at how popular FMCG brand Lady’s Choice embraces the trend of interactive video content to present their product more attractively and engagingly for the consumer. The goal is to offer information at the end of the day and help the viewer learn something.

The objective is not to add interactivity to your video just because you want to keep up with the market trends. The goal is to use interactivity to add value to the viewer that they initially would not have received if the video was not interactive. That is what sets the above videos of Knorr and Lady’s Choice apart, that is what made those videos successful marketing efforts! Take advantage of human curiosity with interactive videos today!

Explore more videos here

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Best Ways to Use Interactive Videos


Best Way To Use Interactive Videos For Your Brand

A lot of the videos out there are linear in form – you view them, feel moved by them (or not!), and then you proceed to ‘like’ them, share them or start watching another video. They provide a multi-sensory experience but don’t go beyond it to interact with you. Interactive videos fill this gap by including ‘hotspots’ that you can click within the video to interface with the content in different ways.

If your business is already utilising video marketing, interactive videos can be the evolution that you have been seeking from the regular audio-video experience your audience is accustomed to. You can consider a variety of ways to incorporate interactive technology into your product or brand videos, as discussed below. But what are the best ways to use interactive videos? 

Generate leads directly from your interactive video

Videos should rightly focus on selling experience or a benefit because it is what reels people in and encourages them to view the full video. If sufficiently convinced, they will want to know your brand better, try before they buy or at least kick-start some sort of engagement. However, as this involves some investment of time (even if 10-15 mins), some if not all viewers may postpone this effort if they are not sufficiently motivated or don’t have an urgent need for your product.

What if you could eliminate this ‘extra’ effort and offer viewers single-click access to:

  • Contact details
  • Subscription forms
  • Additional product information
  • Product purchasing
  • Social media pages

When the option is right before them, potential customers will be more inclined to take the initial step and enter your sales funnel as leads. Interactive videos offer ease and convenience to your audience and fire up your lead generation.

Speed up sales

Instead of a lead capture form, what if you placed ‘add to bag’ options in your video? Viewers who are ready to buy will feel more compelled to act then and there than if they were browsing the same products on a website or a third-party marketplace catalogue.

On your website, fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) messages such as ‘Hurry! Only 5 pieces left’, ‘Buy while supplies last’ or even a ticking clock next to your product can push quick sales. A direct purchase from within your interactive advertising video may not necessarily create a sense of urgency, but it will catch viewers ‘in the moment’ when they are most susceptible to suggestions.  

The human mind is highly susceptible to subconscious or subtle cues. Up to 40% of consumers change their minds at the point of sale because of something they see, hear or learn [Dhar, R (2012). The Irrational Consumer: Four Secrets to Engaging Shoppers Huffpost Apr 17, 2012]. You have the opportunity to generate interest from those who may be contemplating a product similar to yours. They will view your ‘add to bag’ suggestion differently than when they are watching a linear video. Even if the audience only interacts with your video without buying the product, they now have an experience with your brand, which will leave a lasting impression on them.

If your interactive video has a substantial impact on viewers, there is a possibility that some will directly proceed to purchase from within the video because it is that simple to begin the process to owning the product.  

Imprint the promoted product in viewers’ minds

It is a well-known fact that we are more predisposed to remembering content with videos and images than text alone. We are exposed to tons of online visual content every day. So, there is not one but potentially multiple images or videos or parts of a video that may stick around in our minds at the end of the day. That means your video will be competing with many brand/product advertisement videos to recall stakes.

An interactive advertising video would be more easily recalled due to its engaging and possibly unique nature. You may not recollect everything your manager said at the meeting where he was doing all the talking. However, you will be able to recount – may be even in sequence – an encounter with your manager, colleague, client or friend when the communication or participation was two-way, with one reacting in response to the other.

Unlike a usual brand video where your audience is only watching, in an interactive video, they are engaging more actively with it. They are getting to know your product/service through a continuous experience. At the end of the experience, they feel more intimately connected to your product because they know more about it.

The cumulative effect of video and informational text will have a more significant impact than video alone. Also, as an interactive advertising video does not overlay on the file, instead of showing hotspots and gives you the option to click, there is no disruption to the viewing experience. Even if the viewers choose not to click on hotspots to get more product details and only watches the video, they can replay it and this time, interact with the product they liked.

Enhance educational videos

If you feel that an educational approach to a video is the best way to intrigue and engage your audience, interactive technology is your best friend! You can explain your engagement model (ex: BPaaS), a new service, a complicated/multi-layered product more effectively. Your audience will be learning through doing, so to speak, and will have gained a more rounded understanding of whatever you’re trying to explain to them. Check out this is Wootag’ed interactive video of Unilever brand Lady’s Choice, and compare it with this is regular video advertisement Lady’s Choice brand video. Interaction does make a difference in experience and perception for a customer.

It is time to power your marketing and sales with interactive technology. Try it now to improve business outcomes from your online advertisements.


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Never Stop, Never Settle – Interactive Video Brand Advertising in Beverage Industry

E-commerce has taken many industries by storm in past years, and the beverage industry is no exception. Despite many legal challenges to online advertising and sale of alcohol beverages, the industry has grown 20% YOY over the past 10 years*. Many baverage brands started to use interactive video brand advertising to tap into more significant possibilities of video.

Interactive video brand advertising

Brands like Hennessy are swiftly adapting to new market demands and presenting their products to potential consumers in more creative ways. Hennessy proved that engaging with the online audience is brings measurable results to the marketing strategy. They effectively showed off simple infographics to audiences using Wootag’s Showcase feature! Most of the popular alcohol beverage brands adjusted well to market and learned how to mix traditional marketing with digital interaction, engagement, social media, and a dash of a best digital trend to their best advantage.

Watch the full impressive interactive video execution from Hennessy and get inspired to try by yourself!
* Euromonitor

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How to create a highly effective video campaigns

Interactive Video Marketing Strategy

Creating a piece of video content is no easy feat, so it goes without saying that we all want it to perform! Perhaps you want to increase traffic to your e-commerce site, improve customer engagement or achieve higher brand awareness. We can’t tell you how many times we have faced the same situation! Here are some of the success tips we religiously follow and its shown us promising results! We hope it does for you too.

Video Marketing Strategy

First, to kick off your video marketing campaign, you need to have a video marketing strategy. This might sound like common sense, but you would be surprised how many marketers underestimate this and end up not doing it!

  1. Define your goals

Choose goals for your video marketing campaign. Sometimes there are tradeoffs with videos. You cannot have it perform across all metrics. Let’s take a 2 min short story for example. Now the creator of it may want to reach the highest number of people possible, and so the goal might be high video completion rates. However, if the creator wants high engagement rates, i.e. people navigating away from the video to a landing page, it might reduce video completion rates but increase traffic to the landing page; so there will be a tradeoff.

  1. Know your Audience

It is crucial to gain a deep understanding of who your customers are and what motivates them. For example, buyers of fitness lifestyle wear might be ideal for targeting gym memberships, fitness supplements, or fitness products. If you can successfully do this, you would be able to drive motivated consumers to your website, rather than passive viewing of your landing page. Motivated consumers = healthy ROI on campaign spending.

  1. Choose a distribution channel

Select the right distribution channel. Think Facebook pages, Instagram, instream and outstream advertisements. If you know your target audience, you know where they consume content. That is where YOUR video content should be to connect with the audience easily.

  1. Be creative

Now that you have got this down perhaps you are wondering how you can get consumers of your ad actually to click on your ad?  Be creative, catchy, make it memorable and appealing to the specific target audience. If you do this right, along with being in the right place for your target market, you will get a high response rate. I’m browsing golf clubs, and I see an ad for training to get two strokes off my game? Awesome! Entertain and evoke an emotion of the viewer.

  1. Video length matter

Video length is a tricky thing, but what we know for sure, the trend over the last decade proved the value of shorter advertisements. Gone are the days of long form commercials, there is no place for that in the online world. Videos as short as 15 to 30 seconds have seen great results, but this can vary based on region and distribution channels. We would recommend to dive into past data of your campaigns and use that to predict future performance.

  1. Include a call to action

Incorporate a call to action, that’s the most critical part of your video ad campaign, the chance to motivate your audience to take steps toward becoming a customer. However, the caveat here is, consumers are only going to be motivated to click on your product if they feel it will provide real value to them, regardless of your sales tactics.

  1. Add Interaction to Video

Yes, we know this is cheeky, recommending to use our product, but we wouldn’t put this here if we didn’t think we could unquestionably provide value! Interaction within the video will set your video apart from the majority of advertisements that are not using interactivity in ads. This will shift your viewers to active viewing as they may feel more engaged, and this will show in your data when active viewers convert to your goals!

Some of the advantages of interaction within videos are:



Interactive Video Statistic

Interaction drives engagement by allowing viewers to choose what content is relevant to them and access more information without being redirected to another webpage. With a simple click/tap, they can find the nearest shop, shop the products, book a hotel or subscribe to a newsletter. By being mindful of how you add interactions to your video you can increase engagement, views, and CTR simply and intuitively.

Let’s take a quick look at a comparison on results from linear/traditional videos vs interactive videos:

Linear video advertisement  vs interactive video advertisement

Average Video Completion Rate






The data speaks for itself! To interact or not to interact is the viewers choice, but even zero interaction is a choice that the consumer made which is more data than a non-interactive video ad.


Interactive Video Marketing Examples

Interactivity in video ads can accelerate positive behaviour of your customers and drive significant business value. Just check these creative executions of interactive videos which increased performance:


Harley Davidson

“Battle of the Kings”

Harley Davidson effectively used Wootag video interaction to conduct a voting contest to pit custom built bikes against each other. You’ve got to check some of these out, they are beasts!

Visa’s execution was able to generate an incremental interaction time of 6s when viewers clicked into the interaction point driving awareness uplift.



“Interactive recruitment strategy.”

Prudential uniquely caught potential employees’ attention with a catalogue of options for job scopes that might not have been known to exist in an insurance company!

A new style of approach to HR marketing drove 6.6X uplift of viewers to interact within the video to learn more about jobs available in Prudential. Watch the Full video here!


Nestle NANKid

“Binge Watch” execution

Nestle leveraged on brand ambassador young NANkid Scarlet Snow and Wootag’s platform to create a series of advertisement with an episodic implementation! Viewers could binge watch her whole Swiss Adventure without ever leaving the first episode.

This unique style of video advertisement execution drove 7X uplift of interactive views within the video to view more of her Swiss Adventures. Watch the full video here!



“Holiday Shopping Fever”

Last holiday seasonal offer by fashion brand YSL showed off their special deals with a beautiful showcase style gallery right within the video!

YSL’s seasonal execution drove 3X uplift of traffic to the YSL e-commerce site. Watch the full video here!


Key Takeaways

No matter if, you are a small, medium or enterprise business you should consider including video content in your marketing strategy. According to Cisco “by 2020, there will be almost a million minutes of video per second crossing the internet, and this will account for 82% of all consumer web traffic”. Though 64% of marketers see a video as the most challenging type of content to create, it is definitely worth to invest in it, not only because interactive videos are the market trend, but also because it drives awareness, engagement, and revenue (Ascend2’s State of Content Marketing). By adding interaction to your video ad or content, you transform the viewer experience and capture valuable data and insights about your potential customer behaviours which allows you to adapt your video and e-commerce strategy in real time for more engagement, views, CTR, and eventually higher sales! If you want to start today with interactive videos, sign up for a demo now and create your pilot project today! You can also check out more inspiration and examples of interactive videos here. Start your interactive video journey now, the future awaits!

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Loving It, never trust a clown – videos which empower your brand

Movie marketing is no longer confined to trailers and static videos as audiences have become more accustomed to something with a twist and in different formats.

The latest fast-food brands war between Burger King and McDonald’s sees Burger King trolling McDonald’s with the motto “Never trust a clown” in the screening of horror flick ‘It’.

The film involves a creepy clown as the arch villain in the movie and by making reference to it, it displays Burger King’s brilliance in combining satire, guerilla marketing and product placement then woven into a major blockbuster. What a Whopper Burger King!

For more information on how videos can empower your brand and maximise your reach, please visit To view more winning content ideas on video, please have a look at us on LinkedIn.


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