Everyone knows videos are powerful. We use them as a quick way to learn new things, it’s a great way to pass time, and they invoke our senses in a way different from text.

When someone sends you a link to a video, you are more likely to click through. When someone looks for you online, they are more likely to click on that video of you. We just respond to video.

But yet up to now, no one has figured out quite how maximize its use yet. And there is an untapped market just waiting to be discovered.

That’s where we come in.

At Wootag, we believe video is the tool to help share information and ideas instantly without any barriers. So we decided to revolutionize the in-video experience and take it to a whole other level.

We’ve enhanced analytics, increased functionality and added new engagements to video, so it works beautifully even if you’re an individual looking to promote your works, or a company looking for new ways to engage your audience. And we even made sure the interface stayed simple too.

With everyone vying for the short attention span of Internet users, you no longer have to fight to keep them interested in knowing more.

Buy products directly from videos, or feed people information they need while engaged in your video. The possibilities are endless, as with our commitment to innovation too.

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