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March 15, 2020 • Interactive Ads

Video Captions: The Best Strategy for Top Of The Funnel Marketing

Whether you realize it or not, nearly all of your potential customers go through various stages of the buying journey. But what is this buying journey, and how can video captions help you successfully make a sale through this journey? With several other companies offering the similar products/service as you, how can video captions get the attention of potential customers?
Wootag Captions

Understanding the marketing funnel
There is a large pool of consumers out there who don’t know that your product/service exists. To get these people to buy your product/service, you as a marketer or salesperson lead them through, what you can picture as, a funnel. This funnel is made up of three stages – top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. Most consumers go through all these stages before they become your customer.

Top of the funnel or awareness stage
A pool of potential customers resides at the broadest part or the top of the funnel. During this stage, you make potential customers aware of a problem that they might be facing.
With a new (or existing) awareness of a problem, these consumers are looking for ways to fix that problem. They look for answers, research data, resources regarding that problem and how it can be solved, ask for opinions and insights into possible solutions, etc.
As a marketer, your goal is to give them these answers. This is when you also get to introduce your product/service as a possible solution to their problem.

Content for top of the funnel marketing

A successful top of the funnel content marketing strategy includes sharing content that can reach a wide pool of potential customers. This includes:
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Middle of the funnel or consideration and evaluation stage
At the middle of the funnel, these consumers, who are now aware of the problem and possible solutions, evaluate your product/service against several other similar offerings. They conduct heavy research on whether or not your product/service is a good fit for them.

Bottom of the funnel or purchase stage
At the bottom of the funnel, consumers have almost made up their mind and are ready to make a purchase.

5 benefits of video captions
1. Video captions benefit everyone.
Over 100 empirical studies have documented that captions improve the comprehension of videos. Studies show that viewers pay more attention to videos with captions and with this greater attention comes better memory of the video. Captions have been found to be especially beneficial to people who watch videos in non-native language.
The key elements of top-of-funnel content are :
Screenshot 2020-03-15 at 11.07.53 AM
Videos are all of the above and more. And with captions proving to be engaging and memorable, providing videos with captions tremendously increases your chances of gaining their attention.

2. You lose out on potential targets without video captions
You might wonder – “my content is simply great. Why should I add video captions to my already great video content?” But think about those who would benefit from video captions –
1. Those who cannot watch your video with the sound turned on
2. Those who have hearing difficulties
3. Those who do not have perfect comprehension of the spoken word (or can’t understand the accent of the speakers in the video)
4. If your audience is not a native language( say -English) speaker

Top of the funnel marketing is the most important part of your marketing strategy because there is a lot happening here – your audience is going to learn about your products/services and how they are going to benefit him. Capturing as many consumers at this stage and ensuring they get to the middle of the funnel – the consideration stage – ensures you have their attention.

3. Video captions help marketers convey their message
At the top of the funnel marketing stage, every marketer has to achieve three goals.
1. The first goal is to make consumers aware that they have a problem.
2. The second goal is to provide solutions to the problem.
3. And the third goal is to make consumers aware of the specific product/service and how it could alleviate their problem.
Here in this video, Brand unlocks the caption and interactivity in a innovative way using the asset and space within the video driving an uplift in viewability and interaction.

Videos that aim to achieve all these goals are better understood when they are accompanied with captions. Better understanding of your content (via captions) leads to better conversion rates.

4. Videos with captions are shared more than those without
According to studies on the success of videos, it was found that when compared to videos with captions, videos without captions saw a 17% decline in reactions, a 15% decline in the number of times of the video was shared, and a 26% decrease in call-to-action clicks.
In short, people are more inclined to share and interact with your video content if captions are included. The more your video content is shared and interacted with via social media, the greater the awareness of your product, thus fulfilling your role during the awareness stage.

5. Videos with captions boost SEO
SEO-friendly content is important at every part of the marketing funnel. The more visible your content is, the more it is seen and interacted with. Search engine sites crawl videos for content, and the relevance of your video can appear in search terms if your content has captions. With better SEO outcomes, you can be sure that your video content appears in the first page of a search engine – increasing your visibility and giving you a chance to educate a larger pool of potential customers about your product.
There is no doubt that while videos are an essential and critical part of your content marketing strategy, video captions will increase your conversion rate.

Convert viewers into customers with Wootagged Interactive Videos. We love to hear from you and learn how we can help you. So, if you’re considering using Interactive Videos and want to know more, drop us a line and let’s chat about it.

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10 Must-Follow Rules to Ace Video Marketing in 2020

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 12.42.36 PM
As we step into 2020, the use of video marketing by organizations is only growing. Be it FMCG, automobile, finance, fashion or any other niche, video marketing is a booming realm for everyone right now.

    92 percent of marketers who are using video marketing say that it’s an essential component of their marketing strategy. This number was 91 percent in 2019 and 85 percent in 2018. Also, 99 percent of marketers who use video for their marketing campaigns say that they will continue using video content even in 2020 (Source).

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 12.48.29 PM

    Nailing the video marketing ballgame

The above numbers clearly indicate how important video marketing is in today’s brand marketing scenario. However, the question that crops up is how to get the best out of video marketing. Without much ado, let’s take you through some of the rules that you must follow for this:

#1: Get your goals clear
The first step to acing your video marketing is to outline the goals you wish to achieve. It’s perfectly alright to create videos for every stage of your conversion funnel, but not without deciding your target stage. Here’s a quick overview:
Awareness stage: Create videos to attract new customers.
Consideration stage: Create videos to engage your audience.
Decision stage: Create videos that will close the sale and nurture your prospective customers.
You can also come up with video ideas to delight those people who have already made a purchase. Not to forget, an internal video would be a great way to recruit new employees or to boost the motivation of your team.
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How to create a highly effective video campaigns

Interactive Video Marketing Strategy

Creating a piece of video content is no easy feat, so it goes without saying that we all want it to perform! Perhaps you want to increase traffic to your e-commerce site, improve customer engagement or achieve higher brand awareness. We can’t tell you how many times we have faced the same situation! Here are some of the success tips we religiously follow and its shown us promising results! We hope it does for you too. Continue Reading

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Programmatic Channels Viewing Experience – Ford

Ford Interactive Video Advertisement

Ford – Programmatic Channels Viewing Experience

This week take a look at a powerful execution by Ford, across programmatic channels, to increase the awareness and time spent by the audience within their videos by using Wootag’s Video in Video feature! Continue Reading

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November 16, 2017 • Featured, Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Mumbrella 360 Asia: Content with a dedicated human touch, relevance and honesty

Mumbrella 360 Asia

Honouring the brightest, boldest and most innovative in advertising, digital media and beyond, the Mumbrella 360 Asia conference had a strong focus on the ever-changing world of content marketing. Continue Reading

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November 9, 2017 • Featured, Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Wootag receive recognition as ‘Marketing Technology Company of the Year’

'Marketing Technology Company of the Year' - Wootag

Wootag – ‘Marketing Technology Company of the Year’

Wootag  ‘Marketing Technology Company of the Year’ – The Mumbrella 360 Asia Awards

The Mumbrella 360 Asia awards are the industry metric for the most innovative and most creative players in the media, marketing and advertising industries, and beyond. Wootag is deeply honoured to receive recognition as ‘Marketing Technology Company of the Year’. Continue Reading

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October 12, 2017 • Featured, Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Why Travel Brands are Differentiating Themselves with Video

Travel differentiating with video

Travel brands are non-conformists and juggernauts in reinventing themselves to attract new eyeballs. The importance for them to adapt lies in destinations not being as new or exotic as before. The lack of novelty goes in line with the industry’s increased online resources and more competitive prices.

Be it airlines, destination campaigns, comparison websites or travel apps, travel brands are constantly evolving with their audiences having to keep up with ever-changing consumer expectations of what a place has to offer.

According to Think with Google, some 67% of views of travel videos fall under professionally released or brand-related videos. A report from Skift points out destinations have the keenest interest to put in place a video content strategy as over 70% of YouTube searches are for destination names.

Interactive videos, in particular, are a surefire way of unfolding a constructive conversation. This two-way dialogue allows the user to respond to the video through feedback or participation and learn more about the product objectively. For the travel industry, Instagram feeds and Facebook live are defining travellers’ experiences through unique and shareable social content.

With the younger millennials, travel brands will need to drive content that has an emotional connection, aspirational theme and that is intellectually nourishing. This includes finding insightful ways to tell stories from a local perspective.

Video is the perfect platform for stories that feature a greater sense of adventure and authenticity, build the curiosity of understanding the world and a desire for immersing in a local culture. Jason Dorsey, a marketing author and the speaker says, “Today’s traveller is technologically dependent and that dependence is merely a conduit through which to dream, research, share and experience travel.”

We look at some travel brands that are creating a meaningful user experience and engaging them through authentic and unusual storytelling.

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October 3, 2017 • Featured, Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Building stories for pleasure – interactive video storytelling

Creating a user experience that will keep you hooked whilst providing useful guidance is a tough act to follow. Lowe has long been associated with their DIY hacks and with the help of an idea from Facebook, they’ve pulled off something worthwhile in your toolkit. Narrow, unattractive spaces are given an extreme makeover with a nudge and a lift using Instagram stories and transformed into something beautiful and usable. Audiences have the liberty to play architect, interior designer and engineer at once as Instagram Stories provides the framework and flexibility. Innovative? Check! Plenty of fun? For sure! Helping people with their projects in an easy to follow and independent away? That’s something special and you can start work anywhere! For more information on how videos can empower your brand and maximise your reach, please visit To view more winning content ideas on video, please have a look at us on LinkedIn.

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September 28, 2017 • Featured, Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Driving video to integrate your brand

driving video integrate blog


Video updates are all over your Facebook and Instagram feeds these days and it’s vying with the volumes of text-based content shared daily for eyeballs. Videos are increasingly becoming more powerful for storytelling and prolific in widening your reach. Everything imaginable from gadgets, travel destinations, entertainment, celebrities to business decision-makers are using the high energy, hot-off-the-press video approach to give ‘live’ updates that create immediacy and exclusivity. Continue Reading

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September 26, 2017 • Featured, Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Driving the way to human made achievements – brand video


Be it from the sensational to the moving to the uplifting, we are always on the lookout for videos that capture us and speak to us. In any vehicle, it is the human that is in the driver’s seat and that is what Volvo does skilfully pointing us to reflect on our identities, our behaviour and our expectations.
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