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August 16, 2017 • Featured, Video Marketing

Building Credibility for your Business with Videos

Credibility Business VideosThe way in which people are consuming information and have brands captured in their memory is fast changing. From Amazon to Netflix to digital marketing videos shared on Facebook, video is fast becoming the most powerful way for storytelling and getting your message across to the audience you’re targeting.

These days, digital marketing videos are a component of a larger, continuously evolving campaign. Delivering a clear and focused message, they help to add a personable touch, lend a more visual feel and drive in the larger theme through telling a story that will stay with you or connect to your senses. Here we share a sampling of the various video formats you’ll want to help drive you closer to your audience and create interaction and an ongoing relationship.

Thought Leadership Videos

Dove’s got thought leadership covered and here’s how

Having thought leadership videos allows your brand to be respected and on the radar of influencers and key business leaders in your field. Videos promoting thought leadership are also useful to educate and inspire business leads as well as answer some of the problems faced by your industry peers.

To position yourself as a thought leader, you will need to be recognised for your expertise.

Feature subject experts in your videos prominently through the use of conversational interviews. By hearing experts speak to the subject, the viewer will gain confidence in your brand name.

By participating in showcases and conferences, you will also develop visibility and presence in the field.  They are great to prove your mastery of a subject or leadership of an industry and could start the conversation to bring your business new streams of customers, a deepened understanding of your brand and increased web traffic. Remember video is not static and should be readily available elsewhere: either through solid partner relationships or the brand’s developed social media profiles.

Instructional or ‘How to’ Videos

Knorr knocks out an instructional video pretty well

Instructional or ‘how to’ videos are ideal for helping a consumer to understand a process or figure out a solution independently.  If you are aspiring to make your product or service explode onto the scene or stand out in a crowded market, be sure to make them accessible and shareable easily through social media channels, emails or product detail pages.

In creating instructional videos, the script is the centrepiece. In packaging the script, think about the type of answers your audience is looking for while keeping the content true to the voice of your brand. Being able to engage and educate requires persistent interactivity and an ability to keep your audience curious and on their toes!

Case Study and Testimonial Videos

Nescafe Dolce Gusto uses a fact-driven case study to get its message across

Case studies and testimonials are an invaluable part of the content marketing plan and are usually easy and quick to produce. A testimonial is a bit more personalised and opinion-driven, featuring one person sharing their thoughts on a product while a case study is more detailed and insightful, explaining the user case with the results.

With case studies and testimonials, the best thing is to focus on a context and a customer profile. Be certain you are highlighting a customer that has challenges that are universal or that parallel those of your prospective group. Being specific with the end goal also allows the viewer how they can apply the solution to a problem that is persistent or difficult to approach.

Unboxing Videos

Pull off an Office Makeup look with this easy-to-follow unboxing video

What works in unboxing videos is the element of surprise. People record footage of themselves as if they were kids unwrapping gifts of toys, gadgets and fashion and beauty products. In a humorous and honest way, they reveal the condition of the contents, give a rundown of all items that accompanied the purchased product and then explain in detail whether the product works or doesn’t. This helps to reassure consumer confidence in their buying decision. As they are capable of explaining the product experience simply and share relevant information in an approachable way, consumers also find the product more trustworthy and are likely to revisit the web page.

Brand Storytelling Videos


Here’s Sensodyne telling a unique brand story to engage consumers

Here’s how Coke is using brand storytelling to engage consumers.

Creating stories that stick with your consumer is critical to any brand that wants to be remembered and have a meaningful impact. What is interesting when using videos to tell stories is in its pace. The controlled nature of video also allows you to put forth a focused message, one that is more enjoyable for your audience when viewed.

Brand storytelling can reach to audiences with powerful, memorable messages regardless the reach or market. Here are some categories of videos that drive storytelling for brands.

Explainer videos: Introductions, overviews, processes, tutorials for products, services, or ideas.

Culture marketing videos: Content to showcase your brand, people, or causes.

Social videos: Content to engage followers on social—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube. May be educational or pure entertainment.

Stories Drive Credibility for Your Brand

At the end of the day it is imperative to understand who will be inclined towards what your video is proposing or arguing, and create stories that have a powerful impact and feel relevant and personal. If you think you can speak to everyone in the same way, your video will feel purposeless and forgettable. By creating stories that allow for quick and responsive customer interaction, provide thought-leadership expertise and show how you can meet their pain points, videos will make your brand presence meatier and your proposition a more powerful one.

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August 11, 2017 • Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

How Wootag’s favourite brands are crushing the content game

Crushing the Content Game

The game of “content” is a challenging one to play and stay competitive in. With so much content floating around us, it’s often difficult to gauge what the audience would like to see. One thing we can do is learn by example. Here are a few of our favourite brands showing us how content can be made worth the viewer’s time.

Keeping it real with Dove

When Dove came out with its Real Beauty Sketches video in 2013, it was an instant hit. Using a sketch artist to compare how women see themselves as opposed to when a third person describes them, this video brought up the perception of beauty and made Dove a very relatable brand. The viral nature of this video stemmed from its honesty and in how it reached out to everyone. Along the same lines, Dove recently launched its #RealBeauty story-driven campaign, to celebrate 60 years of caring for real women. As a brand, their content is actually quite simple. Honest portrayals of their consumers is what keeps them on track to their users.

Key Point: The viral nature of Dove’s content is proof of how it resonates with its target audience.

Music to your heart’s content played by Honda

Imagine if you had to look at a product video for 3 whole minutes. Even if you were interested in the product, 3 minutes might seem a bit long. Honda found a way around it by incorporating products into music videos. OK Go’s “I Won’t Let You Down” video, features the  Honda UNI-CUB’s in them. The video was shot with the camera placed on a drone, and band members choreographed with the UNI-CUB’s. Honda also released a music video by Moses Sumney which featured the 2016 Honda Civic. Interesting choreography, some great music and your product up close; these are looks that a video is worth spending time on.

Key Point: Music videos add celebrity value and are a great way to keep people glued to your product for a considerable amount of time.

What’s not to laugh about as you take off with Air New Zealand

Nothing works in the area of content without creativity. And it’s this creativity that can take something absolutely dull and boring like an in-flight safety video and turn into the most entertaining and talked about videos. Whether it is the Mile High madness with Richard Simmons or a Hobbit style safety video, humour is at the centre of  Air New Zealand’s #AirNZSafety videos. Notice how this also takes celebrity appearances to a whole new level and makes these videos newsworthy?

Key Point: By employing humour as a tool these videos make a generally boring subject interesting, and they give people a reason to talk about the brand.

“We mean business” yells Elephant House Sri Lanka

Sometimes it is as simple as thinking about your target audience and making exactly the kind of videos they would enjoy. Elephant House Sri Lanka keeps it fun, keeps it colourful and makes the content apt for their consumers. Their Cream Soda was voted beverage of the year of 2015, and the video for the same seems to be a live representation of the product tag line “puts the pop back into your life”.

Key Point: Content that shows the target audience for the product and shows that the product means business. These simple, fun videos can do more magic than one would expect.

So there you have it. Some content ideas that stimulate, educate and engage, all of which are easy to get the point across and manageable to pull off with the right plan. Looking at these brands, it looks like the most important thing to do is understand how your target audience relates to your brand, and execute content along those lines. Moreover, if you get to be part of a music video or a hilarious skit in the process, then I guess it would be a win-win situation after all!

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August 3, 2017 • Interactive Ads

Wootag drives human touch and engagement in the Philippines

Wootag started with a vision for videos to drive human touch and to be more than something intended only for human eyes. Our journey started two years back and within three months we took on the Philippines as if it were love at first sight. We are delighted to have onboard Globe as our first customer and witness Filipino audiences sharing and consuming great content. Today over 1 million eyeballs in the Philippines are engaging with videos of Wootag’s clients including the likes of Globe, Nestle and Loreal !  We look forward to updating you on our exciting developments as our journey only has just begun …

Filipinos emerging as the most active Internet consumers

Philippines Internet Consumption
Moreover, increasingly more Filipinos are watching online videos.  Video consumption is on the rise especially with the increasing pervasiveness of smart technology, as well as the introduction of free Wi-Fi services in major cities and the growth of local Filipino mobile network services.  To illustrate the point, the percentage of Filipinos who watched online videos every day increased from 33% in 2015 to 53% in 2016. This presents a great opportunity for brands that see the potential of penetrating the Filipino market.

Wootag gaining strong momentum in the Philippines and is now speeding up to the
next level!

Here is a snapshot of how over 1 million Filipinos are creating touch points and interacting with videos

An interactive Loreal experience driving female viewers to engage with their awesome products

An interactive SMStore experience

Widening doors through a promising win-win partnership

Wootag’s strategic partnership with AdSpark was born in June 2017 to expand already growing online video consumption among Filipino consumers. AdSpark is the digital marketing solutions firm owned by Globe Telecom, the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. This partnership was launched to broaden approaches to video content across digital advertising campaigns.



In the partnership between AdSparks and Wootag, the former acts as the exclusive reseller of the latter in the Philippines. This aims to help advertisers achieve their marketing and sales goals through real-time video performance while providing users with a truly interactive experience.

With Wootagged videos, users can easily access product information and make a purchase directly from the video. Aside from enabling brands to reach a wider market, the Wootagged videos enable them to obtain real-time market data and analytics, which in turn allow them to better respond to their customers’ demands and identify potential opportunities. In the end, it’s a win-win for both businesses and consumers.

Although video consumption in the Philippines is still in its early stage, there is great potential for its growth, especially since Filipinos are among the world’s keenest TV consumers.

To learn more about Wootag’s footprint and reach in video marketing, please visit Wootag – Video Interactive and Insights Platform


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December 28, 2016 • Video Marketing

Content Hacks for Sports Video Marketing

Sports Content

What do you first think of when you see the word “sports related videos”? If you are dealing with sports products and considering video marketing for the same, the logical step would be to create a video along the product usage. But in this space, there is a lot you can do content wise when it comes to creating popular sports videos. Marketing here is about creating the excitement with live events, the gears sportsmen use, the thrill of watching them play and the emotions that are experienced during a game.

The following examples will help you come up with different strategies for your sports based videos. We hope these ideas will get you started on your marketing campaign, and help you create that video with a difference.

  • Just about the product

As we mentioned earlier, this is the logical first step, and is also an important strategy. After all, your product is the hero of your campaign.  The “Rabbitohs Slippers by UGG” is a very neat example of a product centric video. The video simply highlights how comfy these slippers are, with minimal content inputs. By tagging the product in the video through Wootag, and giving a father’s day discount, this video combines product utility with an apt occasion to purchase it. It’s that simple!

Takeaway: Give your product the limelight, but keep it simple and try to connect the video launch with an upcoming event or special day.

  • The excitement around the game

There is a game around the corner? What better way to sell tickets than through videos.  Videos help build that momentum for an upcoming live event. Creating intrigue by focusing the content on one of the players/team or the event as a whole makes these short videos a perfect gateway to the ticket stand. Here is an example of how Wootag enabled conversion of viewers to an audience for the WTA Finals held at Singapore. Videos of this nature can be created using existing footage, making it an easy option worth exploring for selling tickets.

Takeaway: Videos provide a great platform to create the excitement for an upcoming event and offer a way to purchase tickets.

  • The sportsman in all of us

The Nike “Better For It” Inner Thoughts is a great example of making sports videos and products relatable to all of us. Not only is the video honest, but it is also motivating in its own way. Yes, live games and celebrities are eye-catching, but so are the small triumphs of our everyday sports adventures. They add a touch of humor and make the product seem worth the effort.

Takeaway: Simple and honest videos that share the love for sports in all of us make for great video content.

  • Showing Behind the Screen Activities

Not a very widely explored facet in sports based video marketing is showing some of the prep work that goes into making the jersey’s and shoes we all love so much. There is a lot of interest in merchandise when it comes to sports, so why not show the production of these goods. We are not suggesting a boring long video of the whole process, but to show snippets of how they are made and customized. By giving people a peek into your factories and the technology you use, you give them confidence about the product quality.

Offer links for customization and special offers making these videos a virtual tour of the facility with a gift bag at the end.

Takeaway: For sports merchandise, videos that show the production of goods and associated technology will work as a nice preview to generate interest in products.


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December 2, 2016 • Video Marketing

Making your video content click worthy

Click Videos

I have recently found my admiration for the comments section. For example, I came across an article on the “Advertising Age”. The article discussed how the Zen baby Zen ad campaign got it all right. While it did give a lot of insight into what practices make a video content click, I found myself drawn to the comments below the video itself. It was interesting to see people write that “this is the best commercial ever”(with multiple exclamation points)” or that if the viewer had a baby, she would buy this product. It got me thinking that in this ever-changing world of content, it must be hard to create that rule book which specifies how the content can click with its audience. But in the meantime, we can all look at examples and try our best to get it close to “right”.

As the article mentioned above states “The launch of the “Zen Baby Zen” campaign raised the brand’s share of attention (accounting for both paid and earned/organic views) from 5% to over 50% within the baby diaper category.”  This statement goes to show the impact that a good video can have. In fact, in one of our posts – Importance of videos to Drive Traffic and Customer Adoption, we show you that “people remember a whopping 70% of what they see and hear.” But here is the catch- you need to make sure that it is worth remembering. In short, it has to click. 

We all know that for the video to click the content must be engaging and entertaining. There has to be a message, or a dash of humor to spread a few laughs. But there are other aspects as well that play into this ball game. We list four of them below.

Knowing Trending Topics

While your product may vary, it is important to keep track of the topics that are trending on social media. This will make the content of your video relevant. It goes without saying that sometimes it might not be possible to tie the two together. However, trending topics are still worth exploring. Put yourself in your viewer’s shoes, not just for the content but also to understand how they would share the same. This post in Think With Google throws some light on creating content which is share-worthy

Create versions and assess

With so much content floating around, it is getting harder and harder to get it all right in the first go. In one of our previous blog posts “Tapping the Facebook Continent with Powerful Interactive Videos”, we wrote about understanding the performance of your videos. While it is important to analyse the video performance metrics, it might also be a good idea to Create different versions of your videos for each target audience, then implement a split testing schedule with a concrete strategy for what will be split tested when.” By looking at the conversions for different target audiences, you can decide which version had a better impact. If you sniff around a little bit online you will see that changes as small as rephrasing a specific video title for an optional video to a more generic “watch video” has shown a huge change in impact.

A Checklist to keep track

When I look for resources, I always try and include one article, which simply gives you a list of things to keep in mind. Chief Marketer’s “Best Practices For Video Content Marketing”, lists 8 points for a bit more indulgence from your viewers. Yes, it is important to get to the point in the first few seconds of your video, however, as the 5th point in this list suggests, it is also important to ensure that all your campaigns across different platforms convey a similar message. Right from designing content to distribution these 8 points sure help you stay on track.

Look at creative outlets
Once your video is ready, yes you will be posting it on YouTube and Facebook, hold on- I am not done yet! You should also consider other outlets for your videos. Try posting short videos on Instagram or even Twitter for that matter. If you have a well researched write up along with your video, you can publish a post on LinkedIn with the video. Have you stopped by the NatGeo Instagram page? Some of their videos have more than a million views. So yes! Spread the word as far as possible.

What we are trying to say here is that:

For more interaction from your audience try to create content around trending topics.

But….. don’t forget to stick to your message across platforms.

Speaking of platforms… try new outlets for your videos like your company Instagram account or publish a post on your LinkedIn page

And…. Don’t forget to try out different versions of your videos, tweak things around a bit to get the best results.

Bridge the gap between your product and your future consumer without making it too annoying for them. Good luck!!

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October 17, 2016 • Interactive Ads

Content Hacks For Your Fashion Videos

Interactive Fashion

The election frenzy is on and every other day we see something interesting pop up on our news feed. Well, don’t worry, we are not here to get into a political debate. We are here because we have realized one thing. Whether it is a political convention or just a walk to the park, fashion is at the heart of it all.  So when my news feed showed up with this article on how Ivanka Trump’s Studded Sheath Dress, which she wore at the RNC was sold out the very next day, I knew a fashion post was calling. So here we are with our chosen list of YouTube channels and Fashion Vloggers stealing some important content strategy for your fashion campaign.

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August 28, 2016 • Interactive Ads

Tapping the Facebook Continent with Powerful Interactive Videos

It’s morning, and I have my cup of coffee in one hand and my mobile phone in the other. I am scrolling through my Facebook Page when I see someone share a video of Mo Farah  winning the 10,000 m Gold, despite having a brief fall. The video has the background music very aptly selected with the song “I get knocked down, but I get up again”, and shows the victorious moment at the end. This is definitely going to be a part of my motivational videos to watch when I feel like I need some visual pep talk. I scroll down further and see an exercise video my friend, who is also a fitness instructor, has posted. I check to see if I can I repeat these exercises at home. This goes one for some time till I reach the bottom of my coffee cup.

Videos on Facebook have become a part of our daily internet life. If you look at the reports on you will see that Facebook comes next to Google sites (primarily Youtube) in desktop video rankings. In fact, in August 2014, as reported by Beet.TV, Facebook surpassed Youtube in Desktop viewing. So if you are considering video marketing it’s definitely the time to consider Facebook as a platform in itself to promote your videos.

Facebook as a platform for your videos is interesting because you see these videos showing up on your feed when you are not particularly looking for something. Before you know it, if the visuals and the video content are right you have not just watched the video,you have shared it as well. Considering that Facebook is no more just a social media platform to make connections, but also one to create a strong brand image, marketing videos immediately become a part of this brand building activity. Collectively we not only watch more videos, but we also post more videos. As published in April this year, Facebook boasts of almost 8 billion daily video views.

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August 14, 2016 • Video Marketing

From passive viewing to active decisions #gobeyondviews

Go Beyond Views

Go Beyond Views

When done right, video content, be it a high-production branded campaign or an amateur homemade video, can reach millions overnight. Whether it’s a light-hearted moment captured by Chewbacca mum or SKII’s emotionally-charged story about unmarried Asian women, videos continue to dominate the digital realm, and is showing no signs of stopping. And much of that sharing, discussion, and conversion happens within one’s palm.

Around 4 in 10 people living in Asia Pacific owning a smartphone (eMarketer), and thanks to the competitive pricing and improved internet speeds of mobile data plans, consuming videos on the go now is becoming like second nature to users. And there’s plenty of potential for brands to fit into this space.

Video marketing has proved to be effective in raising the brand image and increasing audience engagement. As a one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, it’s no wonder that videos are becoming the preferred marketing tool for e-commerce. Here’s how the magic happens:

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August 3, 2016 • Featured, Video Marketing

Travel Diaries – Converting Viewers to Travellers!

Interactive Video Marketing Platform

The word research follows the word travel. We all admit travel is no longer a simple affair of booking tickets and just following suggestions on what to see. Everything from flight tickets, to resort bookings, to places to see and places to eat is well researched before the actual bookings are made. In a nutshell, people want to see a little bit of their vacation even before they actually get there.Here is where video marketing helps. Show your customers a glimpse of the future and help them book their vacation in one click. Here are a few examples of how video marketing is an effective tool in planning a holiday.

The Qantas way to show you the best of the gold coast and get you there

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