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A Guide to Unlock Wootag Narrative Experience

Can viewers control the narrative in a film or video? Netflix proved they could, with content like Black Mirror:Bandersnatch and You v/s Wild which revolutionized story-telling.

Wootag Narrative

At Wootag, we strongly believe storytelling in the digital world calls for the adoption of Bandersnatch-type of immersive technology that encourages innovative thinking and active participation of viewers. Here we would like to share examples of Wootag collaborating with two different brands bringing two different Creative possibilities for Choose your Narrative Experience to life.

Learnings from Wootag 150 Million+ Audience

Choices that viewers had to make ranged from choosing the breakfast cereal, throwing tea to accepting a job.

Examining the viewers’ choices in the interactive film helps gain fascinating and unprecedented insights into the psychological profile of viewers and the choices they make when they directly interact with entertainment. For instance, the statistics reveal 73% chose Frosties as the cereal, while 55.9% of viewers chose to throw tea, and 73% took the offered job at Tuckersoft.

At first, the interactive film conditions viewers to make a choice – something that traditional television or film has never done.

Wootag Narrative Guide

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June 14, 2020 • Interactive Ads

Bandersnatch Way to Interactivity

Can viewers control the narrative in a film or video? Netflix proved they could, with Bandersnatch. For business owners and marketing professionals, the success story of this interactive video film is proof that consumer-controlled immersive content is the way forward to boost brand awareness, conversion and loyalty.

Wootag Choose Your Narrative

What is Bandersnatch?

A Bandersnatch is a furious, fast and fuming fictitious creature that is impossible to catch as described in Lewis Caroll’s novel Through the Looking Glass.

Fans of Netflix, however, associate ‘Bandersnatch’ with the interactive film that took the internet by storm. Released on December 28, 2018, ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ is an episode of the series Black Mirror with a ‘choose your own adventure’ option.

As the first interactive video by Netflix, the episode starts with a brief tutorial on how the interactive video works. Viewers are instructed to using their controls or remotes to select the “right” and “left” choices displayed on the screen. The choices have to be made within ten seconds, failing which a default ‘basic version of the story’ is selected.

The story for the Bandersnatch episode was created specifically for the interactive video platform to enable viewers to choose their own narrative that takes their film viewing experience to a whole new, exciting level.

The story is about a young programmer, Stefan, who aims to create a computer game based on a novel he read as a child that followed a “choose your own adventure” narrative. As Stefan begins to lose the balance between reality and fantasy, he realises he is not in control of his life. The viewers make the choices for him throughout the interactive video guiding him to an ending of their choice.

Learnings from Bandersnatch

Choices that viewers had to make ranged from choosing the breakfast cereal, throwing tea, to accepting a job.

Pictured - Fionn Whitehead

Pictured – Fionn Whitehead, Source : Netflix

Examining the viewers’ choices in the interactive film helps gain fascinating and unprecedented insights into the psychological profile of viewers and the choices they make when they directly interact with entertainment. For instance, the statistics reveal 73% chose Frosties as the cereal, while 55.9% of viewers chose to throw tea, and 73% took the offered job at Tuckersoft.

As a first, the interactive film conditions viewers to make a choice – something that traditional television or film has never done.

Secondly, the interactive video registers the viewer’s choice using “state tracking” technology where a TV set in the scene plays the chosen cereal commercial. For Netflix, the interactive technology provided insights on what their subscribers want from a story and what choices a majority of viewers make for the character in the movie.

The success of Bandersnatch and these insights pave the way for Netflix to come up with tailored content that engages its subscribers in a better way.

Ultimately, the interactive video platform and user-generated data combine to create a powerful marketing tool for Netflix with which it can increase its subscription base and enhance customer experiences.

Lean Back to Lean Forward Transition

While traditional television is called the “lean back” enterprise, interactive video is a “lean forward” experience. Case studies show interactive and immersive experiences increase the viewing time and build loyalty towards the film or content.

Consumer behavior is evolving from the traditional passive viewership or consumerism where the viewer sits down on the couch, uses the remote control to switch on the TV, and settles on the broadcasted video content.

The viewer has transitioned to the “lean forward” media where they are engaged and are actively seeking information. There is an exponential growth in targeted customer interaction that shapes the customer experience, which, in turn, affects how they perceive a brand.

Importance of Users to Viewers Experience

Every aspect of the interaction of the user with a brand, product, or service adds up to create perceptions regarding the brand as a whole. Interactive videos help you start a dialogue with your target audience while encouraging them to be active participants and lean forward instead of being passive spectators. Data shows interactive and immersive experiences result in phenomenal engagement levels.

Interactive video has infinite possibilities as a marketing platform:

1. Overlays and hotspots with visual CTA (calls-to-action) that are attached to objects or moving people while introducing new content when clicked on.
2. Video branching with customised viewer-selected options where your audience gains control over the narrative paths in the content.
3. Interactive 360º viewing where branching, hotspots, and overlaying are combined to provide the ultimate experience to viewers.

Here you can learn more about our thoughts on the importance of transitioning from Users to Viewers Experience.

Trends we are seeing at Wootag validating the transition

Having helped multiple brands achieve their marketing goals through interactive videos, we at Wootag have data that validates the transition to lean forward style of engagement.

While 83% of marketing professionals believe in the importance of interactive video in engaging consumers, 72% of consumers prefer to see an interactive video over text to know about a service or product. We have learnt that interactive videos have three times higher conversion rates, with 1.7% of viewers performing CTAs in an interactive video. Brand awareness rose by 1.5 times, while there was a 4.7-time lift in consideration. Our customers have experienced an increase in sales and realize an optimum return on investment.


At Wootag, we strongly believe storytelling in the digital world calls for the adoption of Bandersnatch-type of immersive technology that encourages innovative thinking and active participation of viewers.

Interactive video is all about driving viewer engagement, boosting conversion, and making the video do all the work.

The success of Bandersnatch shows audiences now increasingly demand more enriched, novel, and powerful interactive video experiences. We specialize in making this happen.

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Part 1 of How did we go about converting 7% of Site Traffic into Leads?

At Wootag, our vision is to unlock audience curiosity to learn more about anything within the video and we put this vision to test with one of our Wootagged videos on our site home page. We distilled results further to showcase the importance of Videos on our site and what it means for our business objectives and how you can unlock the same.

Creative Direction? A video which explains the vision or we straight jump into the product

It is always a tricky question when a product team makes a decision on the type of videos to be your message to unlock the possibilities. With Wootag, it was quite an easy decision by referring to the ‘Why’ part of our Vision.

Wootag CORE

Why: Empowering Human Curiosity within any Visual content.
What: Harnessing the power of human curiosity with simple, immersive interactions, directly within your video.
How: Our revolutionary video platform is your one-stop shop to create optimized videos for multiple channels – so you can reach your audience no matter where they are.

Objective? What should be our objective to achieve with this video?

There should be an objective irrespective of what we do. For us we want to drive our visitors to learn about the vision and amplify why it is important for any Business of all shapes and sizes to unlock the potential of interactive videos to convert their viewers to customers.

Here is a simple test we used to clarify the objectives.
Wish the viewer to do———————— while viewing the video. (filling this blank with the action you wish your viewers to take).

For Wootag, Wish the viewer to “sign up / share their email to be contacted” while viewing the video. With this we went about unlocking the curiosity to generate leads using Wootag Lead-Gen template.

You can visit Wootag Tour to learn more about various Wootag Interactive Possibilities.

Importance of Site Design and Video Placements?

Approach of “Placing / Embedding the Video Anywhere” does not necessarily drive results, it could potentially backfire rather than generating any benefits. Here are the steps we looked at for design and placements,

We looked at “Viewers Experience” and not just at “Users Experience” and aligning what would generate the best results.
We looked at Site efficiencies and loading time given a wrong implementation can drive your site loading time and potentially create a bad experience and bounce rates.
We looked at ways to embed with the “Inline or popover” video experience.
It is worth considering a video hosting platform to avoid making your site heavy with video loaded within the site.
You can learn more about the various ways you can unlock the video experience within your site at

Interactivity compliments Curiosity!

At Wootag, we looked at specific lead generation templates and enabled the one which will let users fill the form, right within the video without needing to go anywhere else. We further tested templates with Audience to generate a combination of leads from the following options,

Name, Email ID
Name, Email ID, Phone Number
Email ID

All of the above combinations tend to drive varying results and it works well with a combination of trust and credibility towards the company. As we scaled the business and visibility, we measured the trust coefficient with the audience willingness to share their number and the email address where they are active at.

How did we go about generating leads?

Based on all the organic views generated on our site, we looked at a sample size of 1000 visitors and approximately 27% of visitors landed up viewing the video and of which almost 7% of the visitors moved forward towards signing up.

All signed up users are further added into our inbound funnel for our sales managers to engage. Lead email ids are then categorized into ones with 1. Official email id with and ones 2. With a Non-Official email id with the likes of, etc.

All Leads are then further engaged with a Welcome email to a scheduled call to a platform walkthrough to a trial and finally to a Sale. This process tends to repeat for all leads and gets added into our Sales dashboard.

Key Takeaways :

1. Need for Video: Videos tend to explain the purpose of your company or for your product better.
2. Focussed Objective: Follow the test to clarify your objectives. Wish your viewer to do the ——– while viewing the video.
3. Design your site for performance: Video Placement and experience plays a key role in performance. Constantly iterate for perfection.
4. Convert your Viewers to Customers with Wootagged Interactivity: Giving viewers a chance to take action instantaneously is no more of an option.
5. There is no one size fits all! : Constantly experiment to generate leads and unlock more distribution channels.
6. Engage on an effective sales process to convert the leads to customers.

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April 28, 2020 • Interactive Ads

COVID-19 Effect on Wootagged Audience Behaviour

COVID-19 Effect_Banner

The COVID-19 situation across the globe has led to an increasing amount of “Home Audience” with a steep increase in online activities. Our hypothesis was that with more people consuming content online, they’re probably paying more attention to the contents marketed to them, with varying degrees across different brand categories. This should translate into higher performance for campaigns that have gone live during this period compared to Pre COVID-19. In this analysis, we have put our hypothesis to test across different verticals.

Data Sample :

All data used in this report is measured by Wootag, the Visual Interactive and analytics company that measures the effectiveness of its clients’ Video marketing campaigns. This is done via integrations with leading media partners across the APAC region. All data is anonymous and aggregated.

For the purpose of this analysis, we examined Video performance metrics such as completion rates, time spent, interaction rates and click-through rates of same or similar campaigns for each vertical for Pre COVID-19 (Q4 2019 & Jan 2020) vs. During COVID-19 (end of Jan to end of March 2020).

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 12.14.58 PM

Countries :

The Wootagged Video campaigns analyzed for this report span across 9 APAC markets, all of which went in a state of lockdown around a similar time frame from when WHO declared the outbreak.

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 4.51.37 PM

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Building an Effective Sales Funnel Through the Art of Video Storytelling

87% of businesses in 2019 used video as a powerful marketing tool. This figure is a significant jump from 63% in 2017, and 81% in 2018. 79% of viewers claim that a brand’s video convinced them to purchase a piece of application or software. Also, 84% of marketers have seen an increase in traffic to their website after leveraging video (Source).

These numbers speak volumes about the importance of video marketing in today’s era. But it’s not just about creating any video and putting it out there. You will have to create video content in line with your sales funnel and make them impactful by telling a hooking story to your audience. After all, it’s all leading potential prospects to convert into actual buyers of a product or service.


A typical sales funnel has four stages- awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty. Video storytelling engages people for the long-term by building an emotional connection with your product or service at each of these stages. When they are emotionally invested in your brand, they will have a logical justification in their minds to buy your product/ service.

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14 SEO Rules That Can Help Your Video Be Found During Active Search

With video content rising in popularity on the world wide web, the competition for gaining more views and/or driving in more traffic to the site is leading many brands to invest heavily into creating quality videos and optimising them for search engines. Here are several actionable SEO tips that can improve your video ranking.

Video SEO
Image Credits: Pixabay

1. Conduct thorough keyword research
When it comes to search engine optimization, you cannot ignore the power of using the right keywords that are relevant to your content. Just as you would with written content such as a blog post or website copy, you should also conduct keyword research for your video content.

There are many free tools online that you can use for choosing relevant keywords such as Google Trends and, among others. You could also check if the keywords you have in mind have YouTube searches.
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The 2019 Interactive-Video Audience Insights Report – Wootag

In 2019, at Wootag, we witnessed a surge in brand executions across verticals such as F&B, Nutrition, Finance, IT&T to Luxury, etc. Leading to approx. 300 Million views and 3 Billion + data points being processed. This has set us up to support brands in 2020 with strong behavioral insights to help them with both tactical and long-term executions. Go ahead and Unlock the 2019 Insights.

Wootag Audience Insights

Download Wootag 2019 Audience Insights Report.

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March 15, 2020 • Interactive Ads

Video Captions: The Best Strategy for Top Of The Funnel Marketing

Whether you realize it or not, nearly all of your potential customers go through various stages of the buying journey. But what is this buying journey, and how can video captions help you successfully make a sale through this journey? With several other companies offering the similar products/service as you, how can video captions get the attention of potential customers?
Wootag Captions

Understanding the marketing funnel
There is a large pool of consumers out there who don’t know that your product/service exists. To get these people to buy your product/service, you as a marketer or salesperson lead them through, what you can picture as, a funnel. This funnel is made up of three stages – top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. Most consumers go through all these stages before they become your customer.

Top of the funnel or awareness stage
A pool of potential customers resides at the broadest part or the top of the funnel. During this stage, you make potential customers aware of a problem that they might be facing.
With a new (or existing) awareness of a problem, these consumers are looking for ways to fix that problem. They look for answers, research data, resources regarding that problem and how it can be solved, ask for opinions and insights into possible solutions, etc.
As a marketer, your goal is to give them these answers. This is when you also get to introduce your product/service as a possible solution to their problem.
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Top 10 Wootagged Brands in 2019 – part 2/2.

Wootag Top 10

One Touch to Generate Leads:
Armani upped the ante for interactivity to drive Online to Offline store walk-ins by enabling lead gen within the video to drive awareness towards their new store launch.

Interactive Feature: Lead Generation

Interactive How-To Videos :
All Things Hair enabled viewers to select their preferred hairstyle and get to learn about the products which go well with the styles showcased in the video and navigate them towards purchase.
Interactive Features: Product Information, Audience Intent

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10 Must-Follow Rules to Ace Video Marketing in 2020

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 12.42.36 PM
As we step into 2020, the use of video marketing by organizations is only growing. Be it FMCG, automobile, finance, fashion or any other niche, video marketing is a booming realm for everyone right now.

    92 percent of marketers who are using video marketing say that it’s an essential component of their marketing strategy. This number was 91 percent in 2019 and 85 percent in 2018. Also, 99 percent of marketers who use video for their marketing campaigns say that they will continue using video content even in 2020 (Source).

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 12.48.29 PM

    Nailing the video marketing ballgame

The above numbers clearly indicate how important video marketing is in today’s brand marketing scenario. However, the question that crops up is how to get the best out of video marketing. Without much ado, let’s take you through some of the rules that you must follow for this:

#1: Get your goals clear
The first step to acing your video marketing is to outline the goals you wish to achieve. It’s perfectly alright to create videos for every stage of your conversion funnel, but not without deciding your target stage. Here’s a quick overview:
Awareness stage: Create videos to attract new customers.
Consideration stage: Create videos to engage your audience.
Decision stage: Create videos that will close the sale and nurture your prospective customers.
You can also come up with video ideas to delight those people who have already made a purchase. Not to forget, an internal video would be a great way to recruit new employees or to boost the motivation of your team.
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