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How to Use Interaction to Make Your Content Pop – Fun and Delicious Content and Interactive Ads


Interactive content

The biggest challenge for businesses today is to keep the customer engaged. We live in an age where content is almost infinite. We’re generating way more content than we ever did and the production will, likely, never come to an end.

Speaking of content, one format that’s making waves is video content. For instance, on YouTube, the planet’s largest video sharing portal, there are 300 hours of new content being uploaded every minute!

Since everybody out there is putting out video content, it can be tough for your business to stand out. You need to fight for people’s attention almost every day. A lot of the content is even addictive. You aren’t just competing with your rivals. You may also be competing with entirely different industries. For instance, if you’re advertising toothpaste, there’s a good chance that a customer will choose to watch a movie trailer over your ad. You see, you’re even competing with the movie industry now.

So, how do you overcome this problem?

Interactive Video is Your Best Bet

Statistical studies tell us that most of the content on the internet will be video in the next few years. We also know why video works so well. It has been observed that 65% of information is retained if it’s been presented video format.

Then, we know that almost 60% of marketers testify to the fact that video content offers the best returns (ROI). Besides, shoppers who viewed product videos are twice as likely to buy the highlighted product.

So, it’s clear that video content rules. However, as creating video content become more affordable, accessible and cost-effective everybody can try the chances in producing video content. In other words, adopting video marketing may not be enough for you to stand out since every else is doing it too.

Is there a solution?

Well, there is. It’s called an interactive video. The thing is, your target audience hasn’t progressed into the customer lifecycle far enough to purchase your products. The only thing that can make them do that is engaging content. People want to be entertained and informed at the same time.

That’s where interactivity comes in. Interactive videos contain elements that allow the viewer to provide input in real time and alter the content. It’s like playing a video game. The viewer gets to decide what they see and when they see it.

They can navigate towards various segments in the video and even influence the events that take place within. So, what you have here is something completely different from the usual video content. Statistically, it has been found that interactive videos deliver a completion rate of 90%.

By incorporating interactive videos into your marketing strategy, you gain a competitive edge. This results in improved abilities, concerning lead qualification, better tracking and segmentation, and the ability to deliver a viewing experience that boots conversion rates. It’s all about choice. Viewers love making choices, and interactive videos allow this. Now, the question is, how do you make your videos more interactive, especially if your product is food?

Make your video content interactive

Well, we’ve got a few tips to guide you.

1 Provide Chapters

By dividing the video into segments or chapters, with the feature to skip or go back to specific sections, you can offer a great viewing experience that keeps the viewer engaged. Experts agree that including chapters is a fantastic way to boost engagement.

There are twofold benefits to this strategy. Firstly, it allows the user to gain a perfect understanding of what the video is all about. Secondly, it will enable them to absorb information at their own pace, which is directly linked to better engagement.  

2 Establish Branching Scenarios

An interactive content video should ideally contain layered content sections or branching scenarios. As the narrative unravels, draw in viewers by asking questions. This can be simple questions about what the user would do in a given situation or what step they would take next.

By doing so, you allow the viewer to decide what content is most relevant. You can provide a range of menu options, such as “watch a demo” or “review.” Add hotspots or buttons that link the viewer to segments that discuss those very same topics. Allowing viewers to take a look at multiple content sections or move back and forth to ensure improved learning.

3 Don’t Add Too Many Touch Points    

Once you’ve added your first touch point, work on adding the remaining interaction points throughout the entire video. However, do remember that interactions or on-screen choices take up a lot of space and time. So, make sure they offer value and aren’t pointless.

In general, experts advice providing up to a maximum of 3 interaction points. Too many of them can prove to be counterproductive, as the viewer may end up losing interest.

Interactive recipes you can watch, shop and cook

Choose your video content wisely; a good topic will not only interest your audience but also give you the ability to provide a great value that your audience will applaud. Get people excited, engage them and build buzz around your product especially if it’s topic everybody enjoys like food.

Watching people cook food has gained popularity, so much that food has become one of the hot topics on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are a small home business, an SME, or an MNC, food is a topic worth to consider in your video content strategy. We have the data to back this claim up! When it came to content involving food or recipes, views grew by 59%, and social engagement on food channels by 118%. “59% of 25- to 34-year-olds head to the kitchen with either their smartphones or tablets. They’re loyal, passionate, and highly engaged, powering a 280% growth in food channel subscriptions over the past year.”

*Millward Brown Digital/Firefly/Google, YouTube Food, May 2014

When viewers watch people prepare food, they are inclined to be curious about the products the chef might be using. It stands to a reason that if in video shopping is made convenient for the consumer of the content, it’s likelier for the consumer to end up on the e-commerce site of the product and lead to a sale! With interactivity enabled in your video content, this is possible!

Make your target audience happy and give them something exciting and of real value if it’s on top of all your usual content then even better. Knorr is an excellent example that interactive food video content is powerfully appealing to the audience and bringing measurable impact for the brand. Knorr came out with a creative way of adding value to the video content by sharing interactive recipes with their audience to add an extra benefit for the viewer.

If you can provide real value to your target audience, it is going to improve your brand recall and your video engagement rates! Knorr is a great example where interactive video recipes had a significant engagement which brought a measurable impact for the brand! Knorr was able to provide real value to the viewer by sharing interactive recipes.


This deceptively simple video is valuable to Knorr the target audience on two fronts. It shows how to make a perfect dinner quickly and just with a few ingredients. However, on top of just a recipe adding interactivity offers another layer of functionality and create engagement between brand and user.

Expand your video marketing beyond image ads by incorporating interactive video content. Take a look at how popular FMCG brand Lady’s Choice embraces the trend of interactive video content to present their product more attractively and engagingly for the consumer. The goal is to offer information at the end of the day and help the viewer learn something.

The objective is not to add interactivity to your video just because you want to keep up with the market trends. The goal is to use interactivity to add value to the viewer that they initially would not have received if the video was not interactive. That is what sets the above videos of Knorr and Lady’s Choice apart, that is what made those videos successful marketing efforts! Take advantage of human curiosity with interactive videos today!

Explore more videos here

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February 4, 2019 • Interactive Ads

Embrace 2019 Video Marketing Trends

Celebrities in Video Marketing

Influencers and Video Marketing

Aren’t you curious how other brands embrace the latest video marketing trends? Keep your business and marketing ahead of the game and look at how others are adapting to market changes. Make most of the essential trends paving the way of today consumers behaviour.

Watch fresh take on celebrity & brand collaboration

Levis x Justin Timberlake 

Endorsement of celebrity can increase customer purchase decision, and they are more likely to make an in-store purchase by x10 after seeing your ad. Advertisement featured celebrities appeal stronger to your customers’ emotions. They help to create awareness and gives your brand credibility. People love to see familiar faces on a product, they admire and want to be like celebrities. Take advantage of it to live imprint of your product image for longer in their mind. If you want to see more of a celebrity endorsing a fashion brand, don’t worry! Levi’s has got it covered allowing you to browse their JT catalogue, right within interactive promo video! Check out fantastic cooperation between Levis x Justin Timberlake:



Maybelline x influencers

How to combine great product and increase awareness in a young audience segment? We have a perfect example of a brand which always knows how to put in action the latest marketing trends and never stays behind. Take a look at how Maybelline is using local influencers @mskuan and @sweetqismina in a video ad for the Malaysian market. Brand use endorsement of local influencer to raise awareness and created an effective strategy for the local market.  They didn’t only forget to interact with the audience by giving them the possibility to shop within video achieved great campaign results.


Would you like to read more about the latest trends? Look no further it’s just one click away: Six Top Interactive Video Trends You Should Consider in 2019

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Best Ways to Use Interactive Videos


Best Way To Use Interactive Videos For Your Brand

A lot of the videos out there are linear in form – you view them, feel moved by them (or not!), and then you proceed to ‘like’ them, share them or start watching another video. They provide a multi-sensory experience but don’t go beyond it to interact with you. Interactive videos fill this gap by including ‘hotspots’ that you can click within the video to interface with the content in different ways.

If your business is already utilising video marketing, interactive videos can be the evolution that you have been seeking from the regular audio-video experience your audience is accustomed to. You can consider a variety of ways to incorporate interactive technology into your product or brand videos, as discussed below. But what are the best ways to use interactive videos? 

Generate leads directly from your interactive video

Videos should rightly focus on selling experience or a benefit because it is what reels people in and encourages them to view the full video. If sufficiently convinced, they will want to know your brand better, try before they buy or at least kick-start some sort of engagement. However, as this involves some investment of time (even if 10-15 mins), some if not all viewers may postpone this effort if they are not sufficiently motivated or don’t have an urgent need for your product.

What if you could eliminate this ‘extra’ effort and offer viewers single-click access to:

  • Contact details
  • Subscription forms
  • Additional product information
  • Product purchasing
  • Social media pages

When the option is right before them, potential customers will be more inclined to take the initial step and enter your sales funnel as leads. Interactive videos offer ease and convenience to your audience and fire up your lead generation.

Speed up sales

Instead of a lead capture form, what if you placed ‘add to bag’ options in your video? Viewers who are ready to buy will feel more compelled to act then and there than if they were browsing the same products on a website or a third-party marketplace catalogue.

On your website, fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) messages such as ‘Hurry! Only 5 pieces left’, ‘Buy while supplies last’ or even a ticking clock next to your product can push quick sales. A direct purchase from within your interactive advertising video may not necessarily create a sense of urgency, but it will catch viewers ‘in the moment’ when they are most susceptible to suggestions.  

The human mind is highly susceptible to subconscious or subtle cues. Up to 40% of consumers change their minds at the point of sale because of something they see, hear or learn [Dhar, R (2012). The Irrational Consumer: Four Secrets to Engaging Shoppers Huffpost Apr 17, 2012]. You have the opportunity to generate interest from those who may be contemplating a product similar to yours. They will view your ‘add to bag’ suggestion differently than when they are watching a linear video. Even if the audience only interacts with your video without buying the product, they now have an experience with your brand, which will leave a lasting impression on them.

If your interactive video has a substantial impact on viewers, there is a possibility that some will directly proceed to purchase from within the video because it is that simple to begin the process to owning the product.  

Imprint the promoted product in viewers’ minds

It is a well-known fact that we are more predisposed to remembering content with videos and images than text alone. We are exposed to tons of online visual content every day. So, there is not one but potentially multiple images or videos or parts of a video that may stick around in our minds at the end of the day. That means your video will be competing with many brand/product advertisement videos to recall stakes.

An interactive advertising video would be more easily recalled due to its engaging and possibly unique nature. You may not recollect everything your manager said at the meeting where he was doing all the talking. However, you will be able to recount – may be even in sequence – an encounter with your manager, colleague, client or friend when the communication or participation was two-way, with one reacting in response to the other.

Unlike a usual brand video where your audience is only watching, in an interactive video, they are engaging more actively with it. They are getting to know your product/service through a continuous experience. At the end of the experience, they feel more intimately connected to your product because they know more about it.

The cumulative effect of video and informational text will have a more significant impact than video alone. Also, as an interactive advertising video does not overlay on the file, instead of showing hotspots and gives you the option to click, there is no disruption to the viewing experience. Even if the viewers choose not to click on hotspots to get more product details and only watches the video, they can replay it and this time, interact with the product they liked.

Enhance educational videos

If you feel that an educational approach to a video is the best way to intrigue and engage your audience, interactive technology is your best friend! You can explain your engagement model (ex: BPaaS), a new service, a complicated/multi-layered product more effectively. Your audience will be learning through doing, so to speak, and will have gained a more rounded understanding of whatever you’re trying to explain to them. Check out this is Wootag’ed interactive video of Unilever brand Lady’s Choice, and compare it with this is regular video advertisement Lady’s Choice brand video. Interaction does make a difference in experience and perception for a customer.

It is time to power your marketing and sales with interactive technology. Try it now to improve business outcomes from your online advertisements.


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Never Stop, Never Settle – Interactive Video Brand Advertising in Beverage Industry

E-commerce has taken many industries by storm in past years, and the beverage industry is no exception. Despite many legal challenges to online advertising and sale of alcohol beverages, the industry has grown 20% YOY over the past 10 years*. Many baverage brands started to use interactive video brand advertising to tap into more significant possibilities of video.

Interactive video brand advertising

Brands like Hennessy are swiftly adapting to new market demands and presenting their products to potential consumers in more creative ways. Hennessy proved that engaging with the online audience is brings measurable results to the marketing strategy. They effectively showed off simple infographics to audiences using Wootag’s Showcase feature! Most of the popular alcohol beverage brands adjusted well to market and learned how to mix traditional marketing with digital interaction, engagement, social media, and a dash of a best digital trend to their best advantage.

Watch the full impressive interactive video execution from Hennessy and get inspired to try by yourself!
* Euromonitor

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The Top 5 Interactive Wootag’ed Brands in 2018

2018 was the breakthrough year of interactive videos. We’re excited about our best performing advertisement of year. To help you recap take a look at our Top 5 Interactive Wootag’ed Brands in 2018 who have seen tremendous uplift in their performance by interacting with their audience across locations likes of Singapore, Australia, Japan, HongKong, Philippines & more.

Shop the Looks from Coach

Coach was able to showcase a gallery of the amazing Coach X Selena Gomez collections right within the video with interactive touch points addressing audience curiosity instantaneously

Interactive Recipes from Knorr

Knorr drove the audience to engage with a recipe video by consuming the content, interacting within the video to learn about recipes and drive them towards commerce upon validating interest.

Choose your Adventure from Ford

Ford X Wootag provided a unique “Choose your adventure”interactive viewing experience driving audience towards their preferred Ford EcoSport features, in turn generating valuable insights.

All Things Hair from Unilever

ATH aims to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ on anything hair related, driving curiosity, intent, and consideration powered by Wootag


Would you like to see more Wootag’ed interactive videos? Click here

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Programmatic Channels Viewing Experience – Ford

This week take a look at a powerful execution by Ford, across programmatic channels, to increase the awareness and time spent by the audience within their videos by using Wootag’s Video in Video feature!

Ford was able to provide a “Choose your adventure” type of video viewing experience where viewers chose the feature of the car they were most interested in giving Ford valuable data insights on what features matter to which viewers based on their targeting metrics.

Ford X Wootag with this unique type of interactive viewing experience which generated uplift in view time and valuable insights on the Ford EcoSport features which mattered the most across their audience.  

Visit to learn more about more various interactive executions and insights!

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January 8, 2018 • Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Converting 5 Million + Audience into Customers – The Wootag Way

Converting Audience into Customers the Wootag Way!

Converting audience into customers - Wootag way

Wootag – Video Interactive and Insights Platform

Would you like to see more infographic about interactive videos? Click here

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December 21, 2017 • Interactive Ads

Wootag’s Picks for Best Engagement Videos for 2017


Here’s a rundown from the ads that have made an impact, either with thought provoking campaigns, audience engagement or the use of effective content marketing. From the masterful to the memorable and inspirational, here are Wootag’s picks on the best video advertisements of 2017.

By telling stories that are customer-centric and not overly aggressive on product placement, these video ads have made themselves adaptable to universal themes, relevant to their audience and successful in driving engagement. They can enable themselves to be more dynamic and versatile using marketing platform tools such as Wootag.

Wootag helps clients across a range of industries such as retail, IT, financial services, travel and consumer goods to broaden their engagement and visibility. These may include increasing awareness of product variants, driving online sales, transitioning from online to offline and increasing booking and purchasing add to cart functions. Through these areas, interactive video becomes a definitive complement to ensuring an integrated consumer experience that drives a human touch. To have a closer look, please visit

Thought Provoking Campaigns

Heineken Worlds Apart

Using a beer ad to raise deeper issues is definitely something alcohol guzzlers wouldn’t expect. The #Worldsapart campaign asks the question, “Can two strangers with opposing views prove that there is more that unites us than divides us?” Individuals with contrasting and extreme views are paired and they enter a rich dialogue over chill beers.


IKEA Lion Man

Globally recognised for defining the feel of a living room, IKEA this time puts a twist with a rugged, admirable strength of the lion. The importance of well being and relaxation are articulated through the lion’s reminder to see the world as “wonderful everyday”.


Audi’s Daughter

More than just a family story about a young girl emerging champion of a race, this Audi ad makes a poignant point about gender equality. A father in supporting his daughter is worried about her loss due to unfair points and he struggles with having to break to her how she is part of a world that puts men above women in numerous fronts.


Nike’s ad with female athletes

As gender norms are still strict and repressive in the Middle East, most brands shy away from exploring the subject. For Arab women to be successful athletes, they are defying the conventions of women in their society. From Parkour to singing to fencing and boxing, these women are heralded as inspiring and leading activist figures.


Audience Engagement


McDonald’s Malaysia uses snappy teasers for a product campaign

McDonald’s Malaysia has taken a leaf out of Netflix’s approach to short snippets to engage viewers. The fast food giant used a series of shorter 12-second ads to drive visibility of its new campaign, paired with a 46-second spot to entice viewer participation when they launched the Spicy Korean burger. The ads were inspired by Korean drama storylines and give viewers their opportunity to sink deeper into the story.


Celcom builds emotional ties with engaging teasers

Celcom, a long-standing Malaysian mobile telecommunications company, sought to use short videos that were released gradually, to build emotional connections with its customers. The 30 short-form videos led to a more substantial campaign released after Hari Raya.


Burger King dishes out a whopper on bullying

A hidden camera statement that makes a moving statement about bullying is the genius aspiration of Burger King. Overall, the video cleverly weaves the product at the core of the story. It puts the spotlight on the bystanders that sit by passively and being indifferent to bullying using the burger as a well placed testament to social bullying.


Sprint puts no limits to measures

A warm heartfelt look at the things people who do in order to get out of phone contracts. It makes a statement about device dependence and the world in which people live on mobile and not in reality.


Knorr puts a twist on tastebuds

Combining the interactivity of a flavour profiler tool with a #LoveatFirstTaste campaign, Knorr allows its video followers to identify what flavour means to an individual. The video shows that taste is something that unifies people more than they imagine and shows how and where strangers connect through their flavour profiles. An unusual first date that engages viewers and a clever brand marketing plan to reinforce its focus on taste.


Danish TV2 claims ‘all that we share’

Aptly released on the day Donald Trump announced the ban on travellers from 7 Muslim countries, the ad illuminates how we forget about what unites us instead of focusing on differences. The ad is shot in a frank and down-to-earth style illustrating the importance of diversity in these troubled times.


HBO allows viewers to search and vote

HBO’s short video titled “What We Believe” garnered over 517,000 views and was part of an inbuilt promotional campaign in which they dedicated an interactive website for their superhit TV series, the Game Of Thrones. The interactive component was expanded on as they could search for their favourite character and cast their vote for the person they felt best to lead the great wars.


Discovery goes 360

360-degree videos are the current craze for many brands and Discovery Channel has accomplished it well. The global TV giant has created adrenaline-filled videos from the adventurous to the fearsome and the format of the video plays off the brand’s qualities well. MegaCoasters: Ready for the Drop received over 24 million views and currently sees Discovery Channel as the highest ranked entry for “360 videos”.

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December 14, 2017 • Featured, Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Science of stockpiling during retail flash online sales

02 (1)

Hitting $5 billion in transactions in less than 15 minutes on Singles Day, made this the biggest day in online sales this year. This trend is slowly becoming prominent in Asia and the reasons behind this consumer behaviour of buying products in bulk during special occasions is clear.

“It’s not that we need Singles Day,” Alibaba Group President Michael Evans said in an interview with CNBC. “It’s the opportunity for merchants and consumers to have fun and engage in something that’s really exciting. It’s an opportunity for consumers to explore and find new brands and new products.”

Consumers are set to be more diligent and prepared in stockpiling during these flash sales. They will rely on digital platforms to get the latest information on trends, product and brand reviews, exchange experiences or compare prices. At an integrated level, interactive video and social channels will be essential for brands to provide content and opportunities for valuable engagement.

In this age of ‘New Retail’ where online-offline integration is ever-changing and retail innovation is dynamic, shoppers are savvier and e-commerce promotions will need to be swift, transparent and easy to execute to meet the increased demand during flash sales.

Attract consumers

Here are some of the ways in which retailers could polish their pages, expand their digital offerings to attract consumers with a tendency to “stockpile” during flash sales.


  1. Retail pages should look at creating more interactive content be it shoppable videos, tutorial videos or educational videos. Whether it’s to engage with elements directly, unlock access to further information, and disclose their opinion on topics, shoppers will find themselves drawn to a page with interactivity and staying on the webpage for a longer time.


  1. Fashion and beauty websites will also need to blend online and offline user experience into a cohesive, friendly one. Through the support of platforms such as Wootag, consumers can use the store locator to direct them to nearby purchase points or for them to host practical guidance in the form of tailor-made video portals, podcasts, and slideshows.


  1. Featuring localised content for a flash sale for public holidays or special occasions. To attract consumers to browse more, create customised product packs and knowledge of the festivals such as Lunar New Year, Hari Raya or Thanksgiving.


  1. Consumer brands should also work on developing buyer persona driven content: These should suit the personas of the Convenient Shopper who buys things at times that suit them, Emotional Shopper who goes online when they are bored or the Seasonal Shopper that buys things at specific times of the year. All three buyer personas are in the practice of stockpiling and there needs to be a call to actions developed to suit the personas’ respective needs. These could include interactive videos that showcase the needs of the shopper profiles.


  1. Tease FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) content:  You will want your consumer to aspire to greater quality and have an emotion of ‘missing out’. To capture the consumer’s attention, introduce an exclusive, niche product with a limited release not only in quantity but for a limited time.


  1. Engage with customers (Customer-service content): Flash sales have the added bonus of increasing traffic as well as engagement, so it’s important that you or your team are available to answer questions, thank purchasers, and keep the momentum going.


  1. Data-driven pages for contented consumers is the way forward. Identify using geolocation tools a data-driven and location-based audience that show the most interest in your products. By presenting customised ads to the identified group at the optimal time, it’s a wise opportunity for effective conversion.


From Amazon, GroupOn, Alibaba and others, flash sales are taking the globe by storm. Consumers will no longer be looking at discounts but product quality and range. Mobile and tablets, apparel, footwear and electronic categories will be the most popular products with home furniture and luxury items also on the increase.


By providing consumers with the right mix of interactive and engagement tools, flash sales can be a viable opportunity. With accurate expertise and content that proves valuable, it is the perfect pitch to convert consumers into loyal and repeat ones and who will recommend the site both mobile and on socially.

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December 7, 2017 • Interactive Ads

Driving curiosity, emotions and significance in travel videos


A little known fact is that most travellers are happiest when they are planning and researching their vacation as opposed to when while travelling. That means their decision-making and emotional contagion is most promising before departure.

Digital video is a powerful tool for targeting travellers during the planning and research stage – the visual impact is useful at conveying a point of view and triggering an emotion-driven action. Forbes conducted a study revealing how people react strongly to emotions and emotion-driven storytelling is most likely to engage broader audiences.

In our following examples, we will show you the most effective ways of creating videos with a compelling story. These videos feature memorable takeaways, inspire curiosity and anticipation, make your potential customers feel significant and engage with their everyday life.

Storytelling that drives emotions will engage well

Destination videos are not just about selling an Instagram-styled dreamy lifestyle filled with places to be “seen and heard” and yawning landscapes. By having a relatable aspiration and believable storyline, audiences enter a “safe zone” where they are more likely to share your story and be an ambassador of the experience. Countries brand themselves with videos that showcase their depth and diversity. In Macau’s Vibrant Moments, Palestine’s Spirituality of Palestine, Colombia’s Colombia is Magic Realism and Hungary’s More than Expected, the art of their storytelling lies in being true to yourself and slowing down to absorb your surroundings. Be it exquisite nature, the peace of calm reflection or high-intensity adventure, travellers want to be able to let their emotions be captured, a point of view mirrored and have the story speak to them.

Adopting travel vloggers as your “point person” with a point of view Lending a credible and compelling point of view to your travel video may not come naturally without the right voice so you’ll want to have a travel vlogger do it for you. Enabling an authentic, personalised first-person view experience of a destination is a considerable boost when it comes to enhancing audience decision making. Kombi Life is practical for low budgets, entertaining and humorous, following a backpacker’s four year drive from Chile to Alaska. The hit video series has over 110,000 followers and features a mix of Top Gear-styled guidance with The Bachelor’s sensational drama.

Create impact and calls to action through integration

You don’t want a seamless and visually appealing piece of content flattering. Make sure your viewers aren’t dropping off and respond with the right call to action with a substantial implementation plan.

Combine integration, placement and messaging to see an increase in demand
from passengers, drive bookings and comparisons as well as develop awareness
of your product variants. A video for Visit Denmark allows users to design their
own itinerary based off selected interest and was able to post, share and book
their ‘self-designed’ itinerary. This ability to combine passions, aspiration and
independent decisions makes their video strategy one worth following!

04-2Catering to intention

Figure out what exactly your audience desires most so you can craft a story that drives a huge relevance to users with strong persuasion and emotional connectivity. Is it inspiration, freedom, education, practical advice or the latest news?
Connecting the loop of emotional connectivity to a personal interest in their actions is next wave to audience engagement. Rather than merely giving comments or liking a video, your video will need to have a well crafted call-to-action that gives them the ability to act.

Recognising a misperception among Americans considering Holland as a destination, the Holland: the Original Cool campaign is looking to redefine its reputation in the United States. The video urges using humorous educational points and tapping into American passions, for undecided Americans to travel and see it for themselves.

Make purchase points accessible and interactive

Interactivity drives the human touch which bumps engagement and connects with real-time ease. Having interactive elements in your travel video allow you to focus on the unique and conversational – be it a locally known expertise or product to an iconic attraction. The bonus of interaction will allow content that stands out and resonates with your audience. Wootag has seen more than 15% of viewers interact with products and services due to their relevance which leads to engagements within the video for booking and travel planning.

More purposeful campaigns and personalised websites with the help of video

With a website that’s more personalised, visitors can look forward to receiving
content that is more contextualised and purpose-driven. Each site or campaign visit offers a unique experience and users feel contented that they are able to consume the right content that identifies with their thoughts and matches their interests. Spanish Iberian Airlines polled its customers about their dream destinations and who their ideal travel partner would be. It then used the data to create personalised emails to whomever they had identified as a travel companion with a greeting card that contains specific interest points.

Feature interviews/dialogue with locals

Travellers appreciate having an insider tip or opinion in the video they consume.
Be it insider knowledge, special traveller tips or a meaningful conversation, these
videos will have stories that will be shared both on social media and by word of mouth to other travellers. In a travel campaign for Accor Shanghai, the hotel group spoke to residents about the evolving identity and appearance of the city’s lesser known points.

Create storylines that focus on “stress reductors”

Travelling can at times be frustrating and frantic, an aspect which many videos and commercials fail to capture. By weaving practical know-how and essential trip preparation in a novel and exciting way, your video is likely to see many social shares and have people leave comments and ask questions. According to the New Road to Happiness Study, the following situations are ones that create the most stress in travellers and your video should articulate concerns and provide tips on these topics:

  • Wasting time figuring things (28%)
  • Being unfamiliar with the destination (25%)
  • Managing transportation (21%)
  • Driving curiosity and anticipation leads to engagement (20%)

Videos with powerful stories increase the likelihood of viewers sharing them as they wish to let others connect. As humans are curious beings with a need to aspire and relate to others, the impact of seeing a place through the eyes of a real person will stir in viewers emotions that translate to distinct calls to action. By creating stories with education and awareness that viewers find meaningful, you’re set for a viewer following that will look out for your storytelling and engage with the relevant actions.

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