Tapping into a rich tapestry of India’s multi-geographical landscape!

Within the rich tapestry of India’s multi-geographical landscape lie diverse variations of landscape, weather patterns, and complexities. This presents a distinctive challenge and opportunity for a global brand like TATA TISCON to develop a methodology that unlocks and comprehends these intricate variations. Crafting a solution framework becomes essential to seamlessly bridge the gap between the brand and the diverse needs of consumers.

Need for Tata Tiscon Steel through Wootag Contextual Signals!

TATA TISCON, a global leader in Steel, in collaboration with Wootag and Mindshare, embarked on a transformative journey with its Contextual Signals campaign in India, transcending the mere promotion of TISCON Steel. This campaign, executed within the complex and expansive geographical expanse of India, delved deep into the diverse needs of India’s populace, particularly focusing on the weather patterns, to guide individuals toward the uniqueness of TATA Steel and its benefits!.

Experience that captivated the audience through real-world signals!

Wootag, is a premier interactive visual and audience intent platform, providing brands with an unparalleled opportunity to enhance audience engagement across various marketing visuals.

Mindshare and Wootag collaborated to drive the need for Tata Tiscon Steel through real-world signals and creative automation that led audiences to connect with the uniqueness of the brand!

Source: Wootag

Captivating the audience while unlocking substantial performance for the brand!

Brand achieved significant results across all metrics of the campaign along with the behavioral insights powered by Wootag Intent a behavioral audience platform.

Leveraging contextual signals such as weather, sports, and more, brands can tap into audience emotions and drive product placements and interactions. Marketers can effortlessly measure results while accessing intent and cookieless audience behavioral data and insights.”