At Wootag Biz, we recently embarked on an innovative experiment to amplify the impact of our latest leadership announcement. Combining the traditional approach of a written blog with the dynamic engagement of video content, we aimed to gauge which format resonated best with our audience.

The results? Nothing short of remarkable.

Our initial blog post garnered significant traction, attracting nearly 250 opens. While this was undoubtedly promising, we recognized the limitations of traditional metrics in truly validating engagement.

Enter the video blog.

Transforming our written content into a captivating video using Wootag Biz technology yielded exceptional outcomes. The video adaptation not only surpassed the performance of the original blog with over 375 opens but also achieved an impressive 47% viewer retention rate. What’s more, an astounding 18% of viewers actively interacted with the content, spanning across nine countries.

It’s evident: the clear winner is the blog converted to video.

But what does this mean for the future of content strategy?

While blogs remain indispensable for driving SEO and providing comprehensive information for AI algorithms to digest, the introduction of video content elevates our ability to captivate audiences and drive meaningful engagement.

With video, we not only capture attention but also deliver tangible outcomes and insights.

Interested in unlocking the potential of #Videoblogs, #Interactivity, and #Intent-driven content? Reach out to our dedicated BIZ team today to learn more.