We have announced raising $1.7M in bridge funding led by Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund (CSVP), with further backing from existing investors Wavemaker and SEEDS Capital. This investment fuels Wootag’s expansion plan to scale in Asia Pacific markets and enhance AI capabilities for in-video interactivity and audience engagement – this includes the recent launch of Creative Automation, where brands can showcase the product collections within videos.

We are excited to amplify our focus towards reaching the full potential of our vision to empower human curiosity within any visual content and doubling down on our strength within APAC and beyond. Check out our 2021 results and watch out for this space how we will further expand on our 2022 goals.

Our areas of Hustle,

  • Enabling Best Interactive Experience bundled with a longtail list of formats along with a dynamic and automated platform!
  • Pulse – Our Audience Behavior Insights will play a huge role in enabling personalization backed with Behavioral AI.
  • We are proud of the way we prioritize success for customers! Time to move up a notch!!!
  • Doubling down in APAC! Be ready to welcome new and fresh minds to be part of the next phase of scale.
  • Product is the sole of our vision and we will go super focused to increase our strength in the space of Visual Interactivity and Insights! We have an exciting lineup of Product Announcements – Watch out for this space!
  • Best of the minds tend to drive amazing results! Super proud of the #teamwootag and our efforts will be doubling down on the key areas of Sales, Product, and Tech.
  • We strive to be the place where people bring their own identity, their best and with empowerment, they drive the best outcomes for business and personal life!

Being a founder is often a lonely journey. I also need to call out the most amazing board members who have been thick and thin during the years and are quite confident. With the rejuvenated board it will only get better!

We will continue to Hustle, Hustle harder and smarter till we turn into the Lions in the space of Visual Interactivity and AI!!! Back to Hustle Mode!