10 Tips on How to Boost Your Video Marketing Performance Like a Pro

We want to share with you some useful tips on how to boost the effectiveness of your interactive videos and help you get the most from your video content. You’ve worked so hard to create your personalised video content, placed relevant messaging and target your audience. You want to be able to capitalise on your efforts.

Linear videos perform well, but if your goal is to engage viewers, drive more traffic or conversions you should consider adding interactions to your videos. Videos with personalised content and CTAs causes increased motivation for viewers to take action. Interactive videos have higher CTR rates compared to average linear videos and can drive higher engagement rates up to 3x more than traditional video content. Creating immersive and personalised experience will also lead to longer viewing time, higher completion rates and increased interactions. Read this to find out how to get a seat at the interactive videos table and become a pro!

Become an Interactive Video Marketing Pro with these Tips

  1. Use your historical data

More analytics for more Insights. If you are already familiar working with video content probably, you have heaps of data to work with. Use this to your advantage. Check what form, length and content were performing well for your targeted audience. You can see a breakdown of performance, viewers, location or device, as well as information about interactions and time spent. Make an informed decision regardless of which tools you are using to analyse it (Wootag Dashboard, Google Ads) and take your video content to another level.

Google Ads copy
Google Ads Insights
dashboard Wootag
Wootag Analytics Dashboard
  1. Optimise for mobile

Mobile ready. The most important factor here is the video length as social media viewers have a low span of attention. You have around 3s to attract and seize curiosity. To grab attention, engage and tap into the curiosity of you viewers, best to keep the video length under a minute to get the most performance out of it. You can upload full video length on your webpage or YouTube channel. If you are using Wootag Interactive Video Platform you don’t have to worry about that, as we do the hard work for you and Wootag videos are fully Mobile ready and optimised to perform great on most of the Social media platforms.

Mobile ready
Mobile ready

  1. Add interactivity

Give the viewer a choice. No matter if it’s advertising for brand awareness or an explainer video, adding interaction will benefit your business. Choose your end goals and pick one of the available interactions which suit your needs. Call to action or in-video lead form can capture and showcase your products or services directly within the video. Give the viewer a little bit of control of the viewing experience to boost engagement and conversions.

Call to Action

Drive real action. Improving your call to action is one of the easiest ways to get better results from your video. Get creative and test and examine different versions. Keep it short, specific and immediately actionable. Call to action are supposed to compel people to take action — make them excited to do so! Don’t use a generic call to action. They don’t always serve the purpose of attracting view to take action and can hurt your video performance. Don’t let users wait too long to take action, and the best outcomes are given by tags placed within the first 10 seconds of the video.

Choose your CTA

Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 2.41.27 PM

  1. Create an eye-catching thumbnail

Boost curiosity. Images are an excellent video marketing tool. As it’s hard to grab viewers’ attention, the attractive, eye-catching thumbnail can help boost curiosity. Your interactive video thumbnail is as important as your title because it determines whether or not people will click. Make sure it reflects your video content, call to action or brand. You can always create A/B testing with different thumbnails and see how your CTRs are performing to compare.

  1. Touchpoint title

Catchy titles. Changing the touchpoint title can have a significant impact on how an interactive video is performing. Can you do it in a matter of a few minutes? And boost your conversions significantly. It looks like a small thing to do but don’t underestimate its impact. There are hundreds of tactics, tools and tutorials you can use to get your a perfect title to work for you.

  1. Add the form

Capture engagement. Offer exclusive insights by adding a lead form. It’s never a bad idea to give additional incentives to learn more and stay in touch with your brand. As more click-throughs, subscribers, bonus special offers or downloads you get, the more future customers you can get later on. You can easily triple your engagement just by adding lead gen.

Capture leads with form feature
  1. Don’t use too many interactive touchpoints

Heeding the call. Touchpoints are very beneficial to your interactive video performance. If you want your audience to engage within a video or redirect to another place, add tags to create non-linear video experience for your viewers. These will allow your audience to get additional information you want to share with them. However, please don’t get excited and use too many interactions, instead of attracting them you might distract them, and this may have an opposite effect to what you wanted to achieve.

Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 4.43.53 PM
Don’t cause a distraction with placing too many interactions
  1. Publish video content

Publish and distribute. Once you’ve perfected you creatives, added interactivity, your perfect thumbnails and touch points, it’s time to publish your video. You can embed your video content on your websites and blogs or use other channels. If you are using Wootag Interactive Video Platform, your videos are compatible with the most popular platforms and players. You have lots of channels to choose from, but your target market should drive your decisions in terms of where to place your video content.

  1. Look at analytics before optimising

Optimise content. Now we got to the point where you can look at the performance of your interactive video content. Analytics will help you determine whether you are creating value for your audience. State of Video Marketing showed that only 38% of digital marketers measure video engagement. Metrics like video views, completions and conversions can help evaluate and decide what to change.  If you are using Wootagged videos, you are always able to make quick changes in tags placements, CTAs or touchpoints. Check often to react quickly, and learn what works and what not.

Videos have become an integral part of any marketing strategy which helps to attract customers. It can bring an audience and brand together by adding a human touch to it. Interactive videos encourage to take action, gives stronger engagement and can help build an emotional connection with the brand. Video content offers you the opportunity to bring the brand to life and showcase perfectly what you have to offer in an eye-catching way. Interactive videos can move your business forward placed at various touchpoint in your marketing funnel and set you apart from the competition by solidifying your place in the market as a professional.

For more tips and ideas about creating videos that get noticed and turn viewers into customers explore more possibilities on our website.