Wootaged Brands 2018
The Top 5 Interactive Wootaged Brands in 2018

2018 was the breakthrough year of interactive videos. We’re excited about our best performing advertisement of year. To help you recap take a look at our Top 5 Interactive Wootagged Brands in 2018 who have seen tremendous uplift in their performance by interacting with their audience across locations likes of Singapore, Australia, Japan, HongKong, Philippines & more.

The Top 5 Interactive Wootagged Brands in 2018

Shop the Looks from Coach

Coach was able to showcase a gallery of the amazing Coach X Selena Gomez collections right within the video with interactive touch points addressing audience curiosity instantaneously

Interactive Recipes from Knorr

Knorr drove the audience to engage with a recipe video by consuming the content, interacting within the video to learn about recipes and drive them towards commerce upon validating interest.

Choose your Adventure from Ford

Ford X Wootag provided a unique “Choose your adventure”interactive viewing experience driving audience towards their preferred Ford EcoSport features, in turn generating valuable insights.

All Things Hair from Unilever

ATH aims to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ on anything hair related, driving curiosity, intent, and consideration powered by Wootag


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