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Six Top Interactive Video Trends You Should Consider in 2019


Top Interactive Video Trends 2019


It’s the beginning of the new year, which means developing a new marketing and content strategy for your brand. Wouldn’t it be great if someone gave you a road map for 2019, and told you what your audiences expect from you this year-video content wise?

If you are thinking about researching video trends, we have got you covered. By looking at what worked in the past, and the kind of videos people have been paying attention to, we have come up with six exciting and most importantly doable trends for this year. We hope that these trends will help you plan your video campaigns for more effective results.

The future looks bright

Videos are continuing to captivate people’s attention, and it’s just going to get better this year. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Forecast states that by 2021, 80% of internet traffic will be dominated by videos. Live videos, augmented reality and virtual reality content will also increase significantly in the coming years.

What did we learn from the past?

2018 was a great year for video content. YouTube’s end of the year statistics shows that in 2018, the top 10 trending videos alone were viewed more than 673 million times. 2018 was also the year Netflix launched its first interactive show Bandersnatch,  part of its Black Mirror series. But looking a bit further, this statistic from Google is what we should all be revisiting to truly understand the impact of videos – “Half of 18-34 year old YouTube subscribers would drop what they’re doing to watch a new video by their creator.”

Considering the best of past learnings and factoring in what we know about the future, we have come up with the following trends for 2019. We have answered the whys and given you key aspects to consider when you work on them. Here is what we have for you:

Make the most of live videos in your video campaigns

Why? After reading Cisco’s predictions above, we are sure you don’t need further convincing when it comes to living videos. Vimeo’s blog post on the best of 2018 stated that -“Four of esports’ biggest events garnered 190.1M hours (a cool 21,700 years, if you’re counting) of live streams in 2018 (SportsPro)”.Not only are people viewing more of such interactive videos, but they are also streaming more live videos.

But it’s not just the high numbers that should get you on board with live videos.  Research has shown that consumers prefer to watch live videos of their favourite brands as compared to prerecorded ones. As a company, they give you instant access to consumer reaction.

Points to Ponder —While live videos, sound like an easy trend to get on, they do require a lot of planning and forethought into the content for effective results. You could either host an event and invite speakers, or give a behind the scenes look at your brand. Live videos present an immense opportunity if you plan them well.

Use Social Media Stories To Highlight Your Products

Why? From Facebook stories to Snapchat to Instagram, it’s getting impossible to turn away from stories once you know someone has shared a special moment of their day. Insta Stories is becoming everyone’s most preferred choice. More importantly, stories are short and effective. Your brand gets that instant reaction from its followers.

Points to Ponder–Most popular Instagram story types for brands are merchandise display and an inside glimpse of the company’s happenings. Most industries when it comes to stories are Fitness and Fashion. So if your brand relates to these categories it might be time to add sneak peeks of your merchandise through short interactive video stories.

Invest in Influencer Marketing For More Engaging Video Content

Why? Sponsored posts on Instagram will reach 32M in 2019. Through interactive videos on their feed, influencers can give your brand a more relevant audience who are definitely interested in your products. As Socially Sorted explains, showing the human side of your business is extremely important.

Points to Ponder–Influencers and ‘Social Media Takeovers’ by guests can help you bring in that human side of your business. You can also set up live interviews and sessions with influencers, for your interactive video content. These are often easy to plan and execute, and they combine the live aspect with influencer marketing.

Think outside the box contentwise

Why? Interactive video engagement does not have to simply be about showcasing your products or streaming an event, live. You have to think outside the box while strategising content. Can you explore interactive videos in an area where they have not been used previously, for your brand? Will that gets people talking about your brand?

Points to Ponder— “Will you fit into Deloitte?” an interactive recruitment video by the company gives us a glimpse into the company’s culture. By answering a series of questions on what action the viewer would take, this interactive video also helps potential Deloitte aspirants understand if they are suitable for the organisation. Did you ever think recruitment and interactive video strategy could come together? In 2019, you need to push the envelope and get creative on how you can use interactive video engagement for better visibility of your brand.

Bigger, Better and Brighter Interactive Videos
Are What Will Captivate Your Audiences

Why? Interactive videos are getting bigger and better, which means you need to keep up. Remember everyone is looking at videos, and you will be competing not just for your brand, but also for the kind of content you put out there. Quite simply, your viewers will be expecting more from you.

Points to Ponder— Augmented reality, projection on a 3-D surface, 360-degree videos- consider ways to make your interactive videos more and more engaging. Check out this video showing the 3D and Holographic Projection of Coca-Cola’s One Brand. This video shows the impact such projections can have on your brand image. As you start incorporating interactive video ads in your content plan, think about ways to get your viewers excited about your content.

Videos As Part of Your Email Marketing Strategy

Why? Interactive videos in your emails make for excellent marketing strategy as they immediately draw the viewer’s attention. People do respond positively to the brand after watching a video. As a viewer yourself, simply think about how much time you will spend on a long email, as opposed to a brief one with a video that says it all.

Points to Ponder— If you do decide to include videos in your email make sure they are well curated, short and have content that resonates with the people who trust your brand. Host the same video on other platforms to give your videos more visibility.

Just Make More Videos

Why? Well, now that you know everyone is looking out for them, there is no questioning this trend. You just need to increase your video content to match your audience’s expectations.

Points to Ponder— More videos should not impact the quality of your content. If you feel too much pressure in creating more video content, break down your content plan to alternate between different forms. You can recycle some of your blog posts into videos, which will also help you emphasise some of your brand’s key features. Most importantly, have fun making them!

So there you are. Your interactive video plan for 2019- Go live, use social media stories for merchandise display, invest in influencers, email catchy videos and create unique, trendy and better video content! Most importantly, create more videos!

As you sit down to chalk your interactive video marketing plan make sure you read through Hubspot’s ‘The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing’. It has many tips and pointers that will help you create effective videos. Videos are no longer just about views. They are about experiencing your brand and giving your audience a taste of what they would be getting with your products. It’s time to get creative with your videos this year.  

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December 28, 2016 • Video Marketing

Content Hacks for Sports Video Marketing

Sports Content

Content Hacks for Sports Video Marketing

What do you first think of when you see the word “sports related videos”? If you are dealing with sports products and considering video marketing for the same, the logical step would be to create a video along the product usage. But in this space, there is a lot you can do content wise when it comes to creating popular sports videos. Marketing here is about creating the excitement with live events, the gears sportsmen use, the thrill of watching them play and the emotions that are experienced during a game.

The following examples will help you come up with different strategies for your sports based videos. We hope these ideas will get you started on your marketing campaign, and help you create that video with a difference.

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December 2, 2016 • Video Marketing

Making your video content click worthy

Click Videos

Making your video content click worthy

I have recently found my admiration for the comments section. For example, I came across an article on the “Advertising Age“. The article discussed how the Zen baby Zen ad campaign got it all right. While it did give a lot of insight into what practices make a video content click, I found myself drawn to the comments below the video itself. It was interesting to see people write that “this is the best commercial ever”(with multiple exclamation points)” or that if the viewer had a baby, she would buy this product. It got me thinking that in this ever-changing world of content, it must be hard to create that rule book which specifies how the content can click with its audience. But in the meantime, we can all look at examples and try our best to get it close to “right”.

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October 17, 2016 • Interactive Ads

Content Hacks For Your Fashion Videos

The election frenzy is on and every other day we see something interesting pop up on our news feed. Well, don’t worry, we are not here to get into a political debate. We are here because we have realized one thing. Whether it is a political convention or just a walk to the park, fashion is at the heart of it all.  So when my news feed showed up with this article on how Ivanka Trump’s Studded Sheath Dress, which she wore at the RNC was sold out the very next day, I knew a fashion post was calling. So here we are with our chosen list of YouTube channels and Fashion Vloggers stealing some important content strategy for your fashion campaign.

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August 28, 2016 • Interactive Ads

Tapping the Facebook Content with Powerful Interactive Videos

It’s morning, and I have my cup of coffee in one hand and my mobile phone in the other. I am scrolling through my Facebook Page when I see someone share a video of Mo Farah winning the 10,000 m Gold, despite having a brief fall. The video has the background music very aptly selected with the song “I get knocked down, but I get up again”, and shows the victorious moment in the end. This is definitely going to be a part of my motivational videos to watch when I feel like I need some visual pep talk. I scroll down further and see an exercise video my friend, who is also a fitness instructor, has posted. I check to see if I can I repeat these exercises at home. This goes on for some time until I reach the bottom of my coffee cup.

Video content on Facebook has become a part of our daily internet life. If you look at the reports on you will see that Facebook comes next to Google sites (primarily Youtube) in desktop video rankings. In fact, in August 2014, as reported by Beet.TV, Facebook surpassed Youtube in Desktop viewing. So if you are considering video marketing it’s definitely the time to consider Facebook as a platform in itself to promote your videos.

Facebook as a platform for your videos is interesting because you see these videos showing up on your feed when you are not particularly looking for something. Before you know it, if the visuals and the video content are right you have not just watched the video, you have shared it as well. Considering that Facebook is no more just a social media platform to make connections, but also one to create a strong brand image, marketing videos immediately become a part of this brand building activity. Collectively we not only watch more videos, but we also post more videos. As published in April this year, Facebook boasts of almost 8 billion daily video views.

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August 3, 2016 • Featured, Video Marketing

Travel Diaries – Converting Viewers to Travellers!

Interactive Video Marketing Platform

The word research follows the word travel. We all admit travel is no longer a simple affair of booking tickets and just following suggestions on what to see. Everything from flight tickets, to resort bookings, to places to see and places to eat is well researched before the actual bookings are made. In a nutshell, people want to see a little bit of their vacation even before they actually get there.Here is where video marketing helps. Show your customers a glimpse of the future and help them book their vacation in one click. Here are a few examples of how video marketing is an effective tool in planning a holiday.

The Qantas way to show you the best of the gold coast and get you there

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June 30, 2016 • Interactive Ads

Five Marketing Videos We Love, and Why

When it comes to brainstorming content for your marketing videos, you never know where inspiration hits you. No matter how much you read up tips and tricks, sometimes all it takes for an idea to hit you is when you are least expecting. So here are five videos that we stumbled upon when we were not actually looking for them. We hope these videos give you inspiration for your campaigns.

1) Nike- The Switch

We have said this before and we sill say this again. Everybody loves a good story and they definitely make your videos interesting. Nike’s “The Switch” has all the elements of a great story presented to you in a short time. It’s funny, it makes us curious and it has enough football action to keep us all glued to the video. Oh wait! did we say it also has Cristiano Ronaldo? I guess we can rest our case now. Continue Reading

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April 26, 2016 • Interactive Ads

Book videos – drive more sales and build reader relationships

When I say video marketing the first thing that probably comes to your mind is fashion, or sports, or a technology related product. However, video marketing is such a powerful tool that it can be used in other areas as well to create the kind of impact that your product deserves. Have you ever thought of video marketing your book? If you have not, then we hope that you will change your mind by the end of this article.


First a few facts (Source)

1. “Readers are 64% more likely to purchase your book if they see a book trailer that effectively promotes your book.
2. “Visitors to your author website stay an average of 2 minutes longer than on author sites that do not use video.
Video marketing books do not essentially limit you to book trailers. Book trailers need to be carefully crafted to make the right impact, which is often hard. Opinions are divided on book trailers, but the overall benefits of video marketing your books cannot be overlooked. Especially, when your video enables the purchase of the book directly through the video content, you are providing your readers with a preview and an option to purchase the book in one place. So your book videos are now a one-stop shop to purchase the book. Use Wootag to share details about your book and make purchasing it easier. Here are a few links that will give you all the information you need. Continue Reading

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March 21, 2016 • Video Marketing

Video Marketing For Food Ventures. Curating video content

When the focus of your venture is food, your marketing troubles are half solved. You have a subject that people relate to on a daily basis, which is part of their daily routine and something most people pay a lot of attention to.

Curating video content for food-based ventures is exciting and fun. This the season for food! Every day you see a new food based start-up or a new food outlet. While this means people are looking at food with a lot more interest, it also poses a challenge of creating the right type of content to captivate your audience.

When it comes to food, images and videos speak volumes. Even food blogs now focus on captivating images that sometimes look as good as the ones we see in cookbooks and magazines. Here are some great examples of curating video content for a food venture that effectively targets your audience of choice.

1)      The one tap way of selling your ingredients- a recipe video!

If your business concept involves shipping ingredients to consumers so that they can cook in the convenience of their kitchens, then video marketing “must” be on your strategy list. Here is an example of a popular Vlogger trying out the ingredients by Blue Apron and giving viewers a live review of this concept.

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