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Content Hacks for Sports Video Marketing

What do you first think of when you see the word “sports related videos”? If you are dealing with sports products and considering video marketing for the same, the logical step would be to create a video along the product usage. But in this space, there is a lot you can do content wise when it comes to creating popular sports videos. Marketing here is about creating the excitement with live events, the gears sportsmen use, the thrill of watching them play and the emotions that are experienced during a game.

The following examples will help you come up with different strategies for your sports based videos. We hope these ideas will get you started on your marketing campaign, and help you create that video with a difference.

  • Just about the product

As we mentioned earlier, this is the logical first step and is also an important strategy. After all, your product is the hero of your campaign.  The “Rabbitohs Slippers by UGG” is a very neat example of a product centric video. The video simply highlights how comfy these slippers are, with minimal content inputs. By tagging the product in the video through Wootag, and giving a father’s day discount, this video combines product utility with an apt occasion to purchase it. It’s that simple!

Takeaway: Give your product the limelight, but keep it simple and try to connect the video launch with an upcoming event or special day.

  • The excitement around the game

There is a game around the corner? What better way to sell tickets than through videos.  Videos help build that momentum for an upcoming live event. Creating intrigue by focusing the content on one of the players/team or the event as a whole makes these short videos a perfect gateway to the ticket stand. Here is an example of how Wootag enabled conversion of viewers to an audience for the WTA Finals held at Singapore. Videos of this nature can be created using existing footage, making it an easy option worth exploring for selling tickets.

Takeaway: Videos provide a great platform to create excitement for an upcoming event and offer a way to purchase tickets.

  • The sportsman in all of us

The Nike “Better For It” Inner Thoughts is a great example of making sports videos and products relatable to all of us. Not only is the video honest, but it is also motivating in its own way. Yes, live games and celebrities are eye-catching, but so are the small triumphs of our everyday sports adventures. They add a touch of humour and make the product seem worth the effort.

Takeaway: Simple and honest videos that share the love for sports in all of us make for great video content.

  • Showing Behind the Screen Activities

Not a very widely explored facet in sports based video marketing is showing some of the prep work that goes into making the jersey’s and shoes we all love so much. There is a lot of interest in merchandise when it comes to sports, so why not show the production of these goods. We are not suggesting a boring long video of the whole process, but to show snippets of how they are made and customized. By giving people a peek into your factories and the technology you use, you give them confidence about the product quality.

Offer links for customization and special offers making these videos a virtual tour of the facility with a gift bag at the end.

Takeaway: For sports merchandise, videos that show the production of goods and associated technology will work as a nice preview to generate interest in products.