When it comes to brainstorming content for your marketing videos, you never know where inspiration hits you. No matter how much you read up tips and tricks, sometimes all it takes for an idea to hit you is when you are least expecting. So here are five videos that we stumbled upon when we were not actually looking for them. We hope these videos give you inspiration for your campaigns.

1) Nike- The Switch


We have said this before and we sill say this again. Everybody loves a good story and they definitely make your videos interesting. Nike’s “The Switch” has all the elements of a great story presented to you in a short time. It’s funny, it makes us curious and it has enough football action to keep us all glued to the video. Oh wait! did we say it also has Cristiano Ronaldo? I guess we can rest our case now.


2) Real Estate Marketing

A straight from the heart, honest client review. This video’s simple narrative style is a great example of how customer reviews can be a lot more.


3) A simple video on why video marketing is important

What do you know, an example which also talks about the importance of video marketing? We were not expecting that. What drew us to this video is how simple animation combined with the right amount of factual detail makes for an informative, yet a fun video. There are times when you would want to talk about actual data. The videos need not to be all boring. Filter all the information to what is most important and curate your content to convey it effectively.


4) Old Pepsi Commercial on why humour is an important tool in video marketing


Humour is often difficult to achieve when you are also trying to create an effective marketing campaign. But humour makes your campaign memorable and the content interesting. If you are able to come up with humorous content for your product don’t be afraid to explore that option. We can all always do with a few laughs.


5) Simple, short and self-explanatory. An effective video on cinnamon graters.

This is as good as it gets. A simple video that describes your product effectively with great visuals. This video is a great example of how you can create engaging content with just a few elements.  Focus on your product and its usage and nothing else. After all, your product is the star of the video.


We hope that you have enjoyed watching these videos and that they have given you something to think about. Before you start brainstorming your content here are some key points from these examples.


  • Storytelling is great as long as it highlights your product effectively. Make sure the stories are interesting and have your viewers attention through and through. While celebrity presence accentuates this effect, good stories can do without them as well. Get creative.
  • Talk to your customers and ask them for honest feedback which will highlight aspects of your product or venture that you may never think about yourself. Make sure such videos have narration balanced with great visuals.
  • Use facts or data when needed to highlight key aspects of your venture or product. Make sure that you curate the content around the most important details, without bombarding the viewer with information.
  • Explore humorous content where possible. It might be tricky, but when executed well, it is effective.
  • Sometimes all you need to do is keep it simple and just focus on your product/ venture. Such short videos must have great visuals and the most important features of your product highlighted.