Signals that have an effect on Human Behavior!

World as we know it has far too many noises to let users zoom into anything and everything. As a brand or a product marketer, it is far more challenging to get audiences to engage by sticking to traditional means of brand messaging. It is becoming harder to cut through noises and focus solely on signals which can have a prominent effect on human behaviour. In the following sections, you will learn more about the key signals and how marketers can key in their offerings in relation to these.

Real-World events that play a key role in Audience Behaviour!

Events that create an effect on our behaviour depends on various factors like –  how humid the weather is or if it’s going to rain today that tend to impact either your plans for the day, or the impending result of your favourite team sports and many more. Such events can take various shapes & sizes and in recent times, they can even impact the handling of Covid-19 vaccinations for example!

As a marketeer, it is important to watch out for such signals and understand the probability of outcomes. Outcomes are often between positive impact or negative impact on behaviour. Building messages and offerings relating to desired outcomes play an important part in resonating with the audience and to build a conversation.

Our take on why Weather plays a key part of audience behavior?

Weather is one of the most primal and universal factors in consumer decision making. It affects where we go, what we eat, what we wear, what we buy and also how we feel. 

Not limiting to umbrellas and ice-creams, Weather plays a more important role when it comes to product demand across various sectors and here is a snapshot of the sectors to understand this:

Amount of sunlight exposure plays an interesting role in audience perception of certain products and here is a snapshot of data summarized from the “Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services”

Marketing behaviours can be customised based on the relevant outcomes that are expected – whether it’s positive or negative.  Consider building your marketing messages and offerings with weather as a crucial factor and apply technology which can use these signals at scale!

How pumped up are you when your favorite team wins ?

When was the last time you saw your favourite team win and the rest of your day turned out to be overall better & you felt positive and uplifted? I had mine recently with my favorite team Chelsea moving to UEFA Championship League finals and subsequently my outcomes for the day and the next was more favorable! Sames hold true to create a negative mood when and if your team is having a bad day. 

Audience engagement in sports is at the highest level with decisions now being made keeping them at the forefront and we witnessed this with the European Super League movement – How marketers can further utilize these signals to connect with such passionate audiences with relevant messaging and offers.

Here are some interesting takeaways how brands can leverage signals from Football:

  • Brands that are sponsoring teams can now engage with their audience when there is a game played and even structure offerings based on outcomes.
  • Messages and offerings can further be customised based on both positive and negative outcomes.
  • Brands can further build based on individuals/players who are their brand influencers and structure experience and message based on their individual/ team performances.
  • Amplify your message during breaks encouraging for a quick snack break. 
  • and the list goes on…

Experience like this is not limited to only football and can be leveraged with other other events like Cricket/IPL, Basketball/NBA and more with triggers varied by the type of sports and it’s audience preferences.

Use technology which can help you unlock sports signals within your marketing messaging and objectives. With Wootag signals brands can now unlock custom interactive experiences based on sports events.

How does signals compliment the cookieless world ?

Wondering how you can connect a user who enjoys a football game, is a fan of a premier league and enjoys a specific range of products within a specific temperature range?

All of these without using Cookies? Sounds difficult, huh?

Unlock such possibilities with a combination of marketing technology that optimises audience engagement methods and follows a  process with a higher longevity to build your funnel of audiences: customers to subscribers. 

Here is how we enable personalization in the cookieless environment at Wootag:

  • Build Interactive experiences for persona based segmentations.
  • Use Wootag signals to amplify interactions based on the individual events.
  • Enable Wootag lead functionality as a part of the last mile interactivity.
  • Build audience segmentation for personalization.

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  • As a marketeer, it is important to watch out for real-world signals and understand the probability of different outcomes.
  • Incorporate signals part of marketing strategy to drive relevant audience interactions.
  • Based on industry vertical and product range, customize signals and experience based on your business objectives.