At Wootag, our vision is to unlock audience curiosity to learn more about anything within the video and we put this vision to test with one of our Wootagged videos on our site home page. We distilled results further to showcase the importance of Videos on our site and what it means for our business objectives and how you can unlock the same.

Creative Direction? A video which explains the vision or we straight jump into the product

It is always a tricky question when a product team makes a decision on the type of videos to be your message to unlock the possibilities. With Wootag, it was quite an easy decision by referring to the ‘Why’ part of our Vision.

Wootag CORE

Why: Empowering Human Curiosity within any Visual content.
What: Harnessing the power of human curiosity with simple, immersive interactions, directly within your video.
How: Our revolutionary video platform is your one-stop shop to create optimized videos for multiple channels – so you can reach your audience no matter where they are.

Objective? What should be our objective to achieve with this video?

There should be an objective irrespective of what we do. For us we want to drive our visitors to learn about the vision and amplify why it is important for any Business of all shapes and sizes to unlock the potential of interactive videos to convert their viewers to customers.

Here is a simple test we used to clarify the objectives.

Wish the viewer to do———————— while viewing the video. (filling this blank with the action you wish your viewers to take).

For Wootag, Wish the viewer to “sign up / share their email to be contacted” while viewing the video. With this we went about unlocking the curiosity to generate leads using Wootag Lead-Gen template.

You can visit Wootag Tour to learn more about various Wootag Interactive Possibilities.

Importance of Site Design and Video Placements?

Approach of “Placing / Embedding the Video Anywhere” does not necessarily drive results, it could potentially backfire rather than generating any benefits. Here are the steps we looked at for design and placements,

We looked at “Viewers Experience” and not just at “Users Experience” and aligning what would generate the best results.
We looked at Site efficiencies and loading time given a wrong implementation can drive your site loading time and potentially create a bad experience and bounce rates.
We looked at ways to embed with the “Inline or popover” video experience.
It is worth considering a video hosting platform to avoid making your site heavy with video loaded within the site.
You can learn more about the various ways you can unlock the video experience within your site at

Interactivity compliments Curiosity!

At Wootag, we looked at specific lead generation templates and enabled the one which will let users fill the form, right within the video without needing to go anywhere else. We further tested templates with Audience to generate a combination of leads from the following options,

Name, Email ID
Name, Email ID, Phone Number
Email ID

All of the above combinations tend to drive varying results and it works well with a combination of trust and credibility towards the company. As we scaled the business and visibility, we measured the trust coefficient with the audience willingness to share their number and the email address where they are active at.

How did we go about generating leads?

Based on all the organic views generated on our site, we looked at a sample size of 1000 visitors and approximately 27% of visitors landed up viewing the video and of which almost 7% of the visitors moved forward towards signing up.

All signed up users are further added into our inbound funnel for our sales managers to engage. Lead email ids are then categorized into ones with 1. Official email id with and ones 2. With a Non-Official email id with the likes of, etc.

All Leads are then further engaged with a Welcome email to a scheduled call to a platform walkthrough to a trial and finally to a Sale. This process tends to repeat for all leads and gets added into our Sales dashboard.

Key Takeaways :

1. Need for Video: Videos tend to explain the purpose of your company or for your product better.
2. Focussed Objective: Follow the test to clarify your objectives. Wish your viewer to do the ——– while viewing the video.
3. Design your site for performance: Video Placement and experience plays a key role in performance. Constantly iterate for perfection.
4. Convert your Viewers to Customers with Wootagged Interactivity: Giving viewers a chance to take action instantaneously is no more of an option.
5. There is no one size fits all! : Constantly experiment to generate leads and unlock more distribution channels.
6. Engage on an effective sales process to convert the leads to customers.