Wootag Top 10

One Touch to Generate Leads:
Armani upped the ante for interactivity to drive Online to Offline store walk-ins by enabling lead gen within the video to drive awareness towards their new store launch.

Interactive Feature: Lead Generation

Interactive How-To Videos :
All Things Hair enabled viewers to select their preferred hairstyle and get to learn about the products which go well with the styles showcased in the video and navigate them towards purchase.
Interactive Features: Product Information, Audience Intent

Rich Viewing Experience with Video In Video.:
Canon lets users select the features of the camera that they are most interested in and let them watch a snippet of how the feature works. All within the video without letting the viewer’s curiosity die by visiting 5 different links to learn more.
Interactive Features: Video In Video, Audience Intent

Drive Free Sampling :
Abbott Grow unlocked the next level of the sampling experience by enabling the sample form right within the video and allowing users to fill it natively within the content.
Interactive Features: HotSpot, Sampling Lead Gen form

Embed Offer Codes for your Viewers!
Enchanteur drove the viewer’s curiosity to the next level by letting them unlock an offer code enabled within the video. This allowed viewers to redeem the voucher either online or offline, providing more insights to the brand.
Interactive Features: Product Gallery, Store Locator

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