Based on Microsoft’s analysis of consumer trends in early 2021 (linked here), we notice the top 5 verticals and the trends we might spot in the year of 2021.

Come the end of 2021, let’s have a look at the consumer trends and the top performing formats from Wootag to supplement this analysis.


“Dynamic discovery. How do you reach customers who are searching for goods you sell, who have viewed your products, who have abandoned shopping carts or who are past buyers.”

With excelling in new landscapes and providing new digital experiences to the consumers, the expectations rise to maintain this level of personalisation and more! We make this easier at Wootag!

Wootag’s Commerce/Collection formats allow consumers to search and browse your product catalogue from within your ad itself. Furthermore, the insights collected on audience behaviour lets the brand learn and design the new target audience for retargeting them on the products they expressed interest in! 

Health & Wellness

“Consumers are no longer accepting this one-size-fits all approach. They’re pushing Health & Wellness products and services to become accessible and designed for all genders, body types, ethnic and racial makeups.”

One size fits all approach is decreasing in use given the exclusion of many audience segments. Content in today’s times are segmented or inclusive — of various groups, gender, geography & ethnicities. 

At Wootag, Brands can benefit greatly with Decision/Narrative Formats allowing for the use of multiple videos aimed for their segmented audience.

Personalise your brand’s Videos, Products by 

  • Audience Segments, 
  • Geographies, 
  • Weather,
  • Interests & more! 


“Steps you can take as an advertiser:

How can you use customer lists of past visitors to drum up nostalgia for a return visit in the future?”

Question of the year, right?! Travel industry, one that faced an immediate effect with the rise of the pandemic, is slowly gaining momentum. However, as stated, it is vital we have customer lists ready in hand to advertise to a larger audience.

Wootag’s Lead Gen, solves just this! Infact, based on audience behaviour with the format, we can offer some tips and tricks to crack a larger audience participation!

1. Limit to asking/filling 2-3 fields.
2. Position the lead gen tag, within the first quartile.
3. & most importantly…(ah no yet, reach out to me to know what the other tips are!) 


Steps you can take as an advertiser:

What are your plans for an omnichannel experience?”

Oh man, this could also be the question of the year ha! Omnichannel by definition is the inclusion of individual customer touch points. This can be either with where your media is advertised (platforms) or the stream (in stream or out stream) or devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops) and more!

Compatible with various programmatic platforms, gives us and the brands we collaborate with the flexibility to diversify their media operations across the above categories! 


“The drastic income polarization that exists won’t stop being a topic of discussion in 2021. People want to know what will be done to stop the financial divides that continue to widen.”

While Income polarization is the hot topic of the year, ads targeting this information are only useful to an extent. A lean forward experience in active participation from the audience and SME’s in the field is a great way to amplify reach!

Host Events, Reminders and Webinars with your brand and their target audience virtually/in person with Wootagged ads where your audience can confirm their interest from within the video and plan their collaboration with you! 

In conclusion,

With another year of immersive digital penetration and experience, brands should look at exploring a more targeted approach with their campaigns. 

If you are keen to learn more about Wootag, you can: 


When used strategically, interactive ads can be an effective tool in actively engaging with your audience and achieving your final objective through digital campaigns. 

Wootag makes your audience a part of your brand and as a result a part of your story. 

Leveraging these tools can widely increase the efficiency and the growth spectrum of your Business by converting your viewers into customers using immersive technology effectively bridging the gap. We’d love to hear from you and learn how we can help you. 

So, if you’re considering using Interactive Videos and want to know more, drop us a line and let’s chat about it.