Audience Engagement

Audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented and detached in today’s digital space. They hold autonomy and discretion of which content they wish to consume and the content that they engage with most will be the ones that get top-of-mind and global reach.

Indeed, in this day and age of excess, quality content that is useful and unique, timely or taps on technology to project a memorable personality will be the champions of audience engagement. Hence, technology has an increasingly powerful impact on determining audience emotions or driving their curiosity. Similarly, its power sees brands strengthening their relevance and loyalty among followers.

Real-time responsive advertising in London’s Piccadilly Circus

Many of today’s heavily populated cities are conceiving new ways of engaging with audiences that are responsive to urban lifestyles and that fit to the pulse of changing consumer behaviour. Particularly, merging video with technology to activate personalisation for brands.

In London, a city whose identity is constantly evolving, and where the competition for creativity is keen, it’s a tough act to keep audiences interested, engaged, and most importantly, take action. The iconic screens of Piccadilly will soon be equipped to display targeted ads and engage with audiences based on tracking ages, genders, social sentiments and moods of the group.

According to the Verge and Wired, brands making an entrance on the rotating interactive screen include Samsung, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, and L’Oreal.

Wootag’s immersive video experience, integrating online and offline

Imagine a scenario where while watching a video, the consumer has the freedom and mobility to decide and design their own call-to-action. Wootag puts the viewer at ease and allows you to tag anything be it a product, location or person into segments of the video.

You can also drive brand integration and brand recall as there are options for the user to add a product to cart on an e-commerce site, leave a bite-sized review, show where your store is located or purchase concert tickets. With this comprehensive range of actions, the user will never have to leave the video window at any point!

Facebook video makes interactivity a rewarding option

Audience engagement is the core area of focus at Facebook with its staggering customer base of over 1 billion. This figure is almost equal to the population of India or China. Through Facebook, engagement comes in various forms including creation, consumption, social sharing among others.

Facebook video is the content medium drawing the highest and most effective engagement on their newsfeed in comparison to the likes of images, GIF, articles or text-based posts. Publishers such as the Guardian and New York Times have also begun using more videos to strengthen the reach and impressions of their content.

Video formats such as hacks, tips and how-tos and videos that are entertaining and valuable receive the most shares on Facebook and this is a great way to tap into the preferences of your audience. The wealth of data that Facebook holds also allows you to reach a broader audience group with your video, which you can customise to suit your objective be it brand awareness, lead generation, store visits or product catalogue sales.

Engaging wider audiences with the right plan

Be it consumer brands, travel and fashion platforms, events, news media or musicians, live streaming is the most effective form of audience engagement. Unifying your users and getting them aligned on a set of desired actions is what will define the customer experience of tomorrow. By making intelligent decisions and mapping technology to back your business objectives, you’ll have a time-saving and sensible structure to engage wider audiences.