Hennessy Video Brand Advertising
Interactive Video Brand Advertising in Beverage Industry

E-commerce has taken many industries by storm in past years, and the beverage industry is no exception. Despite many legal challenges to online advertising and sale of alcohol beverages, the industry has grown 20% YOY over the past 10 years*. Many baverage brands started to use interactive video brand advertising to tap into more significant possibilities of video.

Interactive video brand advertising

Brands like Hennessy are swiftly adapting to new market demands and presenting their products to potential consumers in more creative ways. Hennessy proved that engaging with the online audience is brings measurable results to the marketing strategy. They effectively showed off simple infographics to audiences using Wootag’s Showcase feature! Most of the popular alcohol beverage brands adjusted well to market and learned how to mix traditional marketing with digital interaction, engagement, social media, and a dash of a best digital trend to their best advantage.

Watch the full impressive interactive video execution from Hennessy and get inspired to try by yourself!
* Euromonitor