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The Super Bowl recently came to an end, and like all great sporting events, it saw advertisers cracking their brains trying to figure out how to make an ad that will captivate both the hearts and minds of their audience, and justify the huge $4.5 million price tag it cost for that 30-second spot. And BMW was no different.

Their ad was unique, it was different from the others, and it was funny. But did that brief moment on television help them meet their targeted return on investments? Only they would know.

For introducing a new product, probably one of the best things any company can do is to maintain a constant level of interest from their target demographics. Using the wide broadcast of the TV ad as a lure for the general audience, they could subsequently encourage interested parties to sign up and express their interest when their videos are viewed again later online. This would allow them to focus their marketing efforts on a more targeted group.

With interactive video, BMW could have used the ad as a platform not just to gauge interest and get viewers to sign up for test drive, learn more about the features of their car that didn’t make it into their ad, build on their current newsletter subscription list via email or they could have also used it to push people directly to their website

I made a sample video here to better illustrate my point.

Since a large number of video views now come from Facebook, this could have possibly given BMW a significant edge and possibly a higher return on investments to compliment their brief segment of the Super Bowl.


With Wootag you are just a touch away from conversion. Perhaps the next time users wouldn’t have to wait on Alison to know more.