Wootag Ads, a leading interactive and intent advertising platform, is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Vishal Sinha as its new VP of ad Sales. In his role, Mr. Sinha will be instrumental in spearheading growth initiatives and fostering widespread adoption of Wootag Ads.

Vishal, Along with this will also be spearheading as country head for India.

With a robust background in strategic business development and a proven track record in driving growth for technology-driven companies, Vishal Sinha brings a wealth of experience to Wootag Ads. His extensive knowledge of the advertising and India landscape along with his passion for innovative marketing solutions make him a valuable addition to the Wootag Ads team.

Sunder, the CEO of Wootag, expresses his excitement about Vishal Sinha’s appointment, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Vishal on board as our VP of Sales. His deep understanding of the industry, coupled with a dynamic approach to business development, aligns perfectly with Wootag Ads’ vision. Vishal’s leadership will play a pivotal role in driving growth, expanding our reach, and establishing strong partnerships in the region.”

Wootag Ads is known for its cutting-edge interactive advertising solutions that engage and captivate audiences, providing brands with a unique and effective way to connect with consumers. Vishal Sinha’s appointment underscores Wootag Ads’ commitment to fortifying its presence across the region and furthering its mission to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape.

As Wootag Ads continues to innovate and expand, the addition of Vishal Sinha to the team signifies a strategic move to leverage his expertise in accelerating growth, fostering partnerships, and driving the adoption of interactive video advertising solutions across diverse industries in the Indian market. 

About Wootag 

Wootag is an interactive visual marketing platform aimed at creating next-gen visual interactive experiences by enabling brands to leverage videos or displays to enhance the experiences with their audience and convert viewers into customers. Through deploying relevant in-visual interactivity, they can drive viewability, click-through, real-time insights, and product interactions. Unlocking audiences to interact with the creative in-visual, Wootag’s unique solution also empowers brands to deliver product placements, promotions, and creatives focused on real-time conditions, including weather conditions and sports. Marketers can measure the results easily on a real-time basis to drive an impactful customer experience with an ordinary visual.