Interactive ads require the mutual participation of the brand as well as the viewer. However, it’s the advertisements’ role to capture the audience’s attention through various experiences. Hence, the experience offered with interactive marketing can be split into: 

Lean Forward Experience 

A lean forward experience is what is often associated with interactive marketing. One observes active participation by the viewer with the content by answering surveys/polls, scrolling product listings, filling forms etc. Ads are activated with an initial response action by the viewer — in the form of a click, swipe, or tap as opposed to static ads which depend on a short window of time to make a lasting impression.  The scope of a lean forward experience is unparalleled as it targets objectives of Lead Gen, Online to Offline sales, Understanding customer preferences & more. 

Native Surveys 

Establish a deeper and an emotional connection with your audience by reaching out to them through Wootag Surveys! This helps your brand expand its reach to new customers while driving more engagements and responses with regional content across video & display formats. 

  1. Collect useful information and data points with more than 1 question. Target various objectives – whether its brand awareness, promotions, or audience preferences and multiply your value while encouraging active participation. 
  2. Increase brand exposure by allowing your viewers to participate in your survey while they enjoy your video simultaneously. This allows the audience to gain contextual information as they share the necessary information with you. 


Enterprises are industry leaders with their presence in the market going beyond a few years. Given their established standing and rising competition from different players, there is an increased focus on innovation in marketing strategies to continue capturing a larger customer segment. 

Wootag’s Narrative feature is a great example of engaging the audiences in a creative manner to enhance user experience. Gamifying or Branching videos allows for greater engagement within the video for the audience making a lasting impact in their minds about your Brand. 


With continued focus on customer centricity, Wootag lets you understand your customer base by offering Polls/Questions to understand their preference and need – essential for product development, relevance to your target audience and to sculpt out further marketing campaigns. 

With active selection by the audience, you encourage participation and a ‘Lean In’ experience leading to engagement with your brand.

Lean Back Experience

A lean back viewing experience is where the audience can absorb information by relaxing into the experience and works best for brands looking to share thought provoking/inspirational information, product showcases and offers/discounts, i.e. information that can be consumed easily. A lean back experience maximises viewer time for video content. 

Commerce Skins

As a viewer, typically one’s curiosity is heightened to learn more about the products displayed while watching your favourite brand’s video. You are curious to learn further details about the product – Price, Quality, Delivery, Variants and more! 

With Wootag’s Commerce Skins, one gets the opportunity to watch the video and swipe through the product range simultaneously, providing a lean back experience. In this, the products are shared with the information for the user to swipe through resulting in higher completion rates. 


What if your video campaigns can be customized based on external determinants? 

At Wootag, we introduced ‘Signals’ – a chance to customize your videos based on external weather signals! Whether it’s Daytime or Night, Rainfall or Not, or a specific range of weather points recorded in (°C/°F), you can customize your product placements, specific discounts, videos etc to be shown depending on the signals! 

Sit back and have the most relevant information showcased to you in a seamless manner! 


Interactive ads make your audience a part of your brand and as a result a part of your story. 

As a fast evolving technology and industry, there are always new ways to keep up with the times. Leveraging these tools can widely increase the efficiency and the growth spectrum of your Business by converting your viewers into customers using immersive technology effectively bridging the gap. 

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