Solving our problem and revolutionizing the rest of the B2B world.

The world has changed, and so has the sales process. The pandemic has taught us to not just survive, but also rethink the whole process to drive growth. Yes, we mean driving growth by generating interest from prospects with whom we have neither met nor had a warm introduction!

Rethinking helped us look at ways the whole sales prospecting has been done, and it has all been following a few basic steps:

  • Find a lead
  • Send a mail/message
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2
  • Hope and pray they respond

Strangely, this has not changed in decades, and we at Wootag looked at how we can start our rethinking process from here. This is where we looked at “Video and Interactivity as a means to drive Intent from our target customers.”

Text to Video-based Sales and Marketing Process

It takes an average of 700-1000 words to create an impact over a message or email when there is a need to break the ice. With the majority of decision-makers accessing it over email, at least 5-7 scrolls are needed before establishing a context! Here is where we have seen a 70%+ drop-off in this process!

Through Wootag Intent, we have learned that B2B audiences tend to engage better when they are presented with video, and the duration is timed out well within their attention span. All it needs is a single tap/touch/click!

Now, the interesting part about the type of videos that can break the ice is that your target customer doesn’t expect you to send in a Dolby version. Videos generated via Slides, Explainer videos, Trimmed versions of Zoom/Teams call, and many more which we will cover in our next version of blogs/podcasts.

Tap into your prospect intent with Interactivity

The biggest failure is to take your target customer’s time for granted! Reverse engineering the information based on customer persona is key to break the ice! Hyperlinking with multiple destinations to learn about the product/service information will cause a break in interest and potentially have an impact on your second chance.

With an average number of CTR X% over email, it will further dent when there are multiple hyperlinks.

Here is where we looked at enabling videos to be interactive with the information that is relevant to your customer persona, along with well-defined Call-To-Actions like Book a Demo with your calendar enabled within the video and more options.

Humanizing Sales Teams

How many times have you received a message/email and wondered if this is from a real person with genuine products or just hogwash? This is especially true over email when there is information with a lack of credibility being established.

This is where we looked at humanizing our sales team with a page where they can establish their identity and use it as a means to connect with their prospects bundled with a video message. This process has helped sales teams with a higher response rate in comparison to the traditional approach.

Moving away from Hope & Pray to Contextualizing Sales Process

Open rates on messages/emails don’t guarantee any forms of intent from your prospects. We all have made the mistake of basing the above rates on interest in building our pipeline and time spent towards sales conversion.

Praying for a response from outreach

Measuring your prospect’s intent is key to:

  • Understanding their interest towards any specific offerings
  • Time they spent within the video message
  • Learning if there are other decision-makers within the prospect firm and how they are engaging
  • And more.

This process will help in reducing your sales cycle and driving more contextual outreach in your subsequent follow-ups.

Disjoint CRM’s to Integrated CRM’s

Pairing your inbound and outbound sales and marketing efforts built outside CRM tend to have disjointed pipeline and need hours of manual intervention in pairing meaningful information. and especially the target customer intent.

We’ve integrated our inbound and outbound sales and marketing efforts within CRM platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce, reducing manual intervention and ensuring that pipeline and target customer intent are well aligned.

Join us on the journey to make the sales process creative, humane, and contextual, leading to reduced sales cycles, intent-based pipelines, increased conversion rates, and a win-win for your company, sales and marketing team. Whether you’re heading sales and marketing teams with 10s or 100s of team members or a startup with a handful of team members, our fully customisable solution caters to all.

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