Without focusing on regional marketing efforts, businesses can miss out on customer growth and loyalty from their consumer base. Local marketing efforts help foster targeted marketing efforts facilitating better customer engagement. 

For businesses globally, establishing regional marketing efforts has been key primarily in expansion and growth efforts. Considering diversity and a rapid change in pace of policies, industry shifts etc, the need for a delegated approach of marketing through local/in country marketing efforts is on the high. 

Cultural differences between various markets are greatly different. With audience engagement as a key component within interactive marketing, campaigns specific to each culture and region go a long way in gaining audience’s trust. 

Region & Market Specific

At Wootag, its not a one-size fits all approach. We take pride is going a step further to provide you with the relevant insights for your brand – be it regional, country, city specific and more!

Here are a set of key behavioural insights generated from 100+ brands, millions of views across 15 different countries in South-East Asia, North Asia, MENA, EU. 

Middle East & North Africa – F&B Vertical

  1. High Click Through Rates in videos presented in English in comparison to Arabic. 
  2. 30s + videos perform better than short format videos (15s) within EGY & KSA. 
  3. Regions like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman in the Middle East observed significantly high completion rates for videos that included subtitles in their local language! 

South East Asia – Finance Vertical

  1. Interaction rates for the first touch point – English (67%) in Singapore are marginally higher than Cantonese (62%) in Taiwan and (58%) in Hong Kong. 
  2. Taipei and Central Hong Kong delivered the highest traffic to the landing page. 

Indonesia – Fashion & Retail Vertical

  1. Wootag’s Skin format observed an average uplift to the landing page boasting higher completion and click through rates! 
  2. Medan City in Indonesia drove the main performance of the campaign with the highest CTR across cities. 

…This prompts the following questions: 

  1. How was the above data conceived? 
  2. Why do I need this information? 
  3. Where can I use this? 

Enter Wootag, and in this article we’ll attempt to answer the following questions for you and how you can best leverage the platform to optimise your campaigns for the Brand and its audience. 

At Wootag, we enable brands to take a more personalised approach in their campaigns. Leveraging on cultural differences through regional languages allows global businesses to reach wider audiences in each market. On the receiving end, audiences are more connected and are able to relate with the Brand on a more personal level. 

How is this achieved at Wootag?


Brand campaigns designed keeping in mind the intrinsic cultural differences are enabled at Wootag through creative product placements, insights from audience behaviours, A/B Testing with campaigns in various languages enabled for different regions and more! 


Audience behaviour varies with each city, state and country. At Wootag, we look back at data over 15,000 videos served to over 350 million viewers to present with you with unique insights – based on your audience response. Whether the audiences preferred a Poll or Survey, English or Mandarin, Position and Duration of interactivity and more! 

For example, Engagement with the audience is better enabled with opportunities to actively participate with them. Wootag allows for businesses to enable real time interactions with the audience through Surveys as a format. Survey’s open the possibility for customising campaigns to be more regional specific and in addressing specific groups of people and cultures. Learn about your brand’s awareness, customer’s review, gauge interest for promotions and so much more.

At Wootag, we focus on delivering your Brand’s messaging by optimising three main tiers: 

  1. Viewership – Based on the type of video, duration of video etc. 
  2. Interactivity – Formats that foster your audience’s attention and curiosity!
  3. Engagement – Elements for the audience to participate with you and your brand. 

Reach out to us to learn more about Interactive Insights specific to your country and how you can join aboard the Interactivity wagon! Learn more about us, here