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Interactive video in FMCG, Fashion, Travel industries

Interactivity can be applied to any business vertical videos. Hypothesis came with a background and a question:
Why would a Brand / Biz waste their content creation costs or Marketing or Advertising costs for just views? In Wootag we believe interactive videos can be used for any industry from FMCG, Fashion to Travel and many more.

Listing out all the experience we have gathered and allowed us to enable interactive videos within FMCG industry and companies like Unilever, Fashion like Zalora, Unboxing, Travel, Interactive Movie Trailer, Airline and many more.

Interactive shoppable videos

Shoppable Video experience to drive viewers to select their favourite dress and choose the size and colour right inside the video with a direct checkout deep linked onto their app.

Unboxing drives huge viewers participations, Based on Youtube stats – X% of viewers watch a product video before making their purchase decision.

Ever wondered booking a free sample of Tooth Brush to your family – here is a great example with Pepsodent capturing a viewer to interact and submit their details.

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January 30, 2016 • Interactive Ads

Protected: Wootag’ed SK II

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January 14, 2016 • Featured, Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

Interactive Movie Trailers – Channel to drive movie tickets!

Interactive Movie Trailers - drive tickets sale online

Interactive Movie Trailers as the best way to drive ticket sale online.  

Visit us @ Wootag

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December 11, 2015 • Featured, Interactive Ads

Shoppable Videos – Convert your Viewers to Shoppers

Do you believe that generating traffic for your video will give you the best success for your business? Here’s a new perspective to consider — in comparison to traffic, tracking your viewers and directing their actions are better ways for you to convert them into customers. 

Video metrics are essential for rating and improving your video so that you get better conversions. By enabling metrics you have a wider opportunity at getting your viewers engaged and ready to purchase. Take, for example, the video for your new clothing range has just been filmed and you want to start seeing results from your customers. To generate a conversion, you want viewers to sign up, install the app, and add the product to cart from your video. As analytics are available on Wootag, these actions can be individually measured and used to review the conversion rate.  

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September 28, 2015 • Interactive Ads

Maximize your video’s exposure with the right distribution channels

You’ve filmed your footage and edited your video. But the work isn’t complete without first figuring out how you’re going to distribute it. You can post it on as many websites as you know, but doing it in the wrong order might mean your efforts going to waste. The manner you choose to distribute your videos is equally important as the content of your video. Videos that do well in marketing always have a proper distribution strategy, and for good reason too. Planning when and where to showcase your videos can be the difference between complete Internet obscurity and a worldwide audience.

In this article, we will share with you a systemic approach in choosing how to distribute your videos and maximize your audience reach.

As a pre-cursor to distribution, Identify the Key Performance Indicators of the content you are about to distribute so you can always measure, learn and optimize to iterate for success.

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June 12, 2015 • Featured, Interactive Ads

Enable Real True View Experience for your Videos

Wootag - Interactive Video

Enable Real True View Experience for your Videos. Wootag – Interactive Video


Sign up now to get a 15 day trial offer – Build, Distribute,Measure and Optimize! Get Started!


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June 2, 2015 • Interactive Ads

Power of Videos [Insights] – Video Marketing Infographic

Video Marketing

Enable Power of Video Marketing

Sign Up Now to get a 15 day FREE Trial Offer! Start converting your videos into Sales, Leads, Engagements and Measure Real-Time.


Wootag – Interactive Video Marketing

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April 2, 2015 • Interactive Ads, Video Marketing

How to make stunning videos on a shoestring budget

Google the cost of any Hollywood Blockbuster and something that will always feature is how big a budget was used to shoot the film. A known fact among all is creating media costs money. But with advancements in tech, and the rise of prosumers, making your own video doesn’t have to be expensive. We look at 5 ways you can improve your videos without breaking the bank.



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March 30, 2015 • Interactive Ads

Importance of Videos to Drive Traffic and Customer Adoption

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.44.47 AM

Deck highlights the importance of Video as a key content marketing channel in building links to achieve various objectives like generating site traffic, SEO, Sales & leads generations and creating a direct channel with your viewers.

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