In the digital era, marketers have prompts that deliver valuable metrics on who exactly is engaging with their ads, what action those people take, and how it should be optimized for the future to improve results. Campaign optimization is the process of tweaking the campaign with a data-driven approach to track the performance and making adjustments based on those results to achieve higher uplifts. 

Targeting the right audience means you can effectively maximize your marketing effort and spending on the groups that are most likely to buy from you. 

Prior to that, you need to create an accurate audience persona and identify the segmentation. By dividing the company’s target market into groups of potential customers with similar needs and behaviors based on the three criteria: geographically, homogeneity or behaviorally to understand the target audience and identify targeted groups of consumers. The better your insights are, the more measurable metrics you can leverage towards boosting conversions. 

As optimization is based on the metrics to measure the progress. It’s important to set the objective, and desired result as it varies greatly from one campaign to the next. With the right measurable values to measure the effectiveness of the marketing effort, you can optimize the performance in a quantifiable way. For example, to measure the effectiveness in bringing results to an e-commerce brand, we track the traffic bringing to the website, cost-per-action and lead generation. Analysis of these important points will help you drive the best results out of your marketing effort. 

Video Campaign Optimization 

Video marketing has shown to be one of the most powerful strategies for businesses. Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. Moreover, Nearly 90% of brands have acquired through social media videos. Leveraging video to improve conversions has become a key strategy Hence, you should consider a specific approach to optimize video with another set of metrics. 

In general, brands should focus on optimizing the click through rate, video completion rate, and lead generation. Leads can be generated from shares, email gates, landing pages, in-video contact forms or add to shopping carts. Engaging videos are powerful tools for mining new business leads. Consequently, the most critical point to optimize video campaigns is to capture the user’s attention at relevant moments in the video. The best way to boost leads in video is to enable interactivity without disrupting the experience. Wootag is offering more than 100 templates on our platform to enable brands in creating interactive ads through our platform across numerous inventories, you can create a new ad in just a few clicks without minimum spending.

Additionally, brands can also optimize the video campaigns with retargeting. First, running different creatives across platforms or custom sizes per platform to find out the best suited to a user behavior. You can also run video ads in different duration to understand the audience’s behavior and optimize the campaign based on the insights.